Fall 1999 Seminar in Environmental Geology of Omaha

Instructor: Dr. Harmon Maher

01328 GEOL 2500-002 Special Topics in GEOG-GEOLOGY TH 3-4 PM

1 credit

Course objective: There is renewed interest in urban geology across the country due to the greater human impact geologic phenomena can have in an urban setting. Participants in this seminar will not only learn about, but will also be involved in producing new knowledge about Omaha's environmental geology. After an initial period of introductory lectures and field trips participants will be involved in group projects.

Intended audience: Those interested in local geology and environmental science and issues. No prerequisites, but some background in geology or physical geography will be quite useful.

Grade: The grade will be based on class and group participation (50%) and the project (50%).

Examples of completed projects.

Week 1: Introduction to basic geologic units and geomorphic features of Omaha area.

Week 2: Field trip to northeast Omaha metropolitan area.

Week 3: Field trip to central and western Omaha area.

Week 4: Field trip to down town and Bellevue area.

Week 5: Identification of student groups and projects.

Weeks 6 through 11: Work on projects. Instructor will meet with each group during this time.

Week 12 & 13: Presentation of results to class.

Week 14: Revision and final submittal of project report.

Possible group projects:

If you have any questions please contact me at harmon@cwis.unomaha.edu, or 554 4807, Dept. of Geography and Geology, University of Nebraska at Omaha.