Environmental Geology of Omaha Field Trip Sites

This is a list of sites in and around Omaha , some of which we will visit on our 3 to 4 field trips in the course. Links are provided for some sites, which can then be visited in 'virtual' field trip mode. You can also go to an overview satellite image and link to sites marked on the image.

Asarco Plant, downtown Omaha

Cunningham Lake Dam Site

Douglas County landfill

Florence Missouri River terrace

Fort Calhoun 1999 ravine development.

Freedom Park

Heflinger Park

Hidden Lake in Fontenelle Forest

Hummel Park

Intermittant springs N of Maple on Cottonwood Lane

Keystone Trail N of Cass Street

Missouri River (Florence) water treatment plant

M.U.D. underground liquid propane storage facility at 63rd and Oak

Platte River 'groundwater' treatment plant

One-Pacific Place slump

Stream through Elmwood Park

Sewage Treatment Plant near South Omaha Bridge

Towl Park

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