Portal to a virtual field trip of Omaha's environmental geology.

in construction (9/2/99)

guide: Harmon D. Maher Jr.

This is a 1985 Landsat TM Image of the Omaha area which provides an overview. You should be able to pick out the Missouri and Platte Rivers and their flood plains, the wooded loess bluffs and hills, the central Omaha and Council Bluffs urban area, and the agricultural fields to the west. The unusual colors are because it is a false color image where some invisible portions of the spectrum are represented by visible portions. Band 7 (mid infrared) is red, Band 4 (near infrared) is green and Band 2 (green) is blue. Even though only 15 years old significant changes have occurred, especially in the western Omaha area.

The yellow x's are linked to images and information on specific features or environmental phenomena. You can explore these in any order at your pleasure. A list of sites with links also exists.