Michael Peterson



Graphic Communication

15 reasons why you need to learn how to convey information through graphics.

•  Because you probably never have had a course about graphics.

•  Because our educational system doesn't emphasize graphic communication.

•  3-Rs don't include graphics

•  You know how to use MS Word better than Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop.

•  Most of your PowerPoint presentations consist of text.

•  You can't figure out why PowerPoint graphics don't print well.

•  You know that graphics are an effective form of communication but you don't think you have a “graphic sense” to design them.

•  You think you don't have time to learn those graphic programs.

•  You think that somebody else can add the graphics later.

•  But you know that you can't convey to another person in words what you want to express in a graphic.

•  You don't want to be dependent on others for graphics.

•  You have to make data understandable,

•  and, you have a lot of data.

•  You know that representing data graphically can be very meaningful.

•  But you don't know how to make meaningful graphics.

•  You know that you can't “get by” with reports that consist only of text


Graphic Editing with Illustration Software

•  Illustrator Links Page

•  Lines

•  Curves

•  Advanced Curves and Circles

•  Line Tracing a raster graphic

•  Color

•  Tracing an image

•  Text in a box

•  Text along a curved line

•  Double line

•  Extracting outline map of a state

•  Importing ESRI ArcView Map

•  AutoCad to Illustrator

•  Pie graphs with Illustrator

•  Line graph with Illustrator

•  Qualitative Choropleth Map Examples

•  Making a qualitative choropleth map

•  Photoshop

•  PowerPoint


Geography Standard 1: Maps

•  Definition

•  Purpose

•  Types

•  Map Projections

•  Map Scale

•  Cartographic Abstraction


Geography Standard 2: Mental Maps

•  Acquisition

•  Importance

•  Cognitive Aspects

•  Methods of Forming Mental Maps

•  Conclusion


Online Method to World Regional Geography

•  Introduction

•  Making a Webpage

•  The Standard Template File

•  Writing and Formatting Text Pages

•  Notes Page

•  Sidebar Page

•  Searching the Web

•  Links Page

•  Picture Page

•  Webcam Page

•  Maps Page

•  Panorama Picture Page

•  Music Page

•  Movie Page

•  Interactive Quiz Page

•  Map Quiz Page


Internet Map Resources for Education

•  How to find maps

•  How to evaluate map quality

•  Mapping location

•  Mapping where you live

•  Finding your latitude / latitude

•  Maps of the Physical Earth

•  Map of Current Sunshine

•  Map of Current Temperature

•  Current Precipitation

•  Maps of the Human Earth

•  World Population Density

•  US Population Density


Interactive and Animated Maps for the Web

•  Setting Up the Work Environment

•  Tour of Maps on the Web

•  Introduction to HTML

•  Making a Clickable Map

•  Mouseover Mapping

•  JavaScript

•  Layers and JavaScript

•  Virtual Reality Modeling Language

•  Conclusion


Multimedia, GIS & the Web

•  Introduction and Set-up

•  Multimedia, Maps on the Web, and HTML Authoring

•  Map Design, Illustrator, Photoshop, and Clickable Images

•  Animation on the Web


Open Source Tools for Online Mapping

•  Installing Apache

•  Windows and Linux server software

•  Making the "index.html" file

•  Working with OpenOffice tools

•  Using Java applets for mapping

•  Integrating Flash with ArcView and ArcGIS

•  Using MapServer

•  Integrating data from ArcView and ArcGIS

In Brief

Animated Atlas of Air Traffic
A fascinating collection of air traffic animations.

Maps and the Internet
"With this splendid volume comes a further direction for us to follow." ~ IMCOS, Spring 2004

The Online Method to World Regional Geography
Integrating the Web in a college-level world regional geography course.

Interactive and Animated Cartography
"Peterson argues persuasively that in the future mapping will integrate GIS, remote sensing, and computer graphic techniques with multimedia software and Internet information capabilities.." ~ Cartography & Geographic Information Systems

Omaha Urban Atlas 2002
From the location of theaters to the landscape of Omaha politics, this colorful atlas presents an informative snapshot of the city of Omaha, Nebraska.

The Automated Display of Maps and Images from the Web
A system is described that displays and updates weather maps for public display.

Multimedia Cartography
The explosive development of interactive multimedia products on CD-ROM and the Internet, via the WWW, has generated immense interest in this field.

Interactive and Animated Cartography
This book explores an innovative technology that can free mapping from the expediency of static images and afford through, fully engaging cartographic treatments of geography, history, and earth science. ~ Mark Monmonier