Assignment #1: Lines

Place all of these elements on a single page. Export as a PNG (raster) file. It should have a name like "lines1.png".

  1. Choose a state from this map of the eastern half of the US. This map is in a raster JPEG format that is composed of pixels. The map can be copied and pasted into Illustrator. Once opened in a browser, it can be copied and pasted into Illustrator.
  2. After you have chosen a state, increase the size of the image, either by dragging on the corner points or using the Scale Tool. Sizing Illustrator Elements || Scale Tool
  3. Reduce the opacity of the map by selecting the graphic and reducing the number under the Opacity setting on top.
  4. Background instruction: Selection Tools || Distinction between fill and stroke || Object stacking and grouping || Isolation mode
  5. Pencil tool. Distinction between fidelity and smoothness.
  6. Pen tool. We're not using bezier curves on this assignment.
  7. Outline your selected state using a combination of the pencil and pen tools. Click on the last point to continue the line.
  8. Rotate tool. Rotate the state so that it is relatively straight.
  9. Text tool. Label the state.
  10. Double line. Create a double line within the state.
  11. Dashed line. Create a dashed line within the state.
  12. Arrow. Add line with arrow in map.
  13. Text along path. Add a river line and label along the path.
  14. Add a railroad line.
  15. Add a line of dots.