Finding Data and Joining Data


Census Data

Counties in US shapefile.


American Fact Finder

go to Advanced Search tab

select Search items you are interested in mapping (Topics, Geographies, Industry Codes, etc.)

include all counties within United States)


CDC Cancer Data

click on Cancer

click on Tools

click on U.S. County Cancer Incidence Dataset


Teacher salaries by state


USDA ERS - County-level Data Sets

Socioeconomic indicators like poverty rates, population change, unemployment rates, and education levels vary geographically across U.S. States and counties.


The Extreme Cities and Counties


Religious Congregations and Membership


Income inequality in the U.S. by state, metropolitan area, and county

Rank (from highest to lowest ratio)

Metropolitan area

Average income of the top 1%

Average income of the bottom 99%

Top-to-bottom ratio


Jackson, WY-ID





Bridgeport-Stamford-Norwalk, CT





Naples-Immokalee-Marco Island, FL





Sebastian-Vero Beach, FL





Key West, FL





Gini Index of Income Inequality for U.S. Counties


U.S. Suicide Rates by County


Cigarette smoking prevalence in US counties: 1996-2012

Cigarette vector files:


County-Level Marriage & Divorce Data, 2000




Getting the FIPS Codes Right in Excel

The county FIPS codes will be used to join attribute data to your county geometries.


FIPS code needs to be 5-digits

If needed, add two blank columns

Add 1000000 in one of the columns. This is to add zeros to the beginning if some are not 5 digits.

In other column, take the text characters of the 5 right-most in the string.




Joining tables in ArcMap


Open ArcMap in Windows

Add counties

Join your chosen data table to county layer using FIPS code