QGIS Heat Map

Choose an attribute field you would like to display.

Style using “heatmap”

Clipping out the background in the map pdf

  • Select the map, go to Clipping Mask and select Release. Do this procedure until release is no longer an option
  • Select and delete excess states and neatlines until the only objects left are those that you need.
  • Open the layer palette and create a new layer with the menu that is accessible in the top right of the layer palette. Make sure that this layer is on top.
  • Select one of the state outlines. Then go to Select > Same > Stroke Weight. Now, all of the state outlines should be selected.
  • Copy just the outline of the state(s) and paste (paste in place) into the new layer. This outline will be the clipping path.
  • Convert this outline to a single path using Object>Compound Path>Make.
  • Select both the clipping path and the objects you want to mask. You can use Select All.
  • Choose Object > Clipping Mask > Make.
  • Select the outline and give it the proper stroke color.
  • Copy and paste into your map layout Illustrator canvas.
  • Create map layout in Illustrator. Add engaging design elements.