Graduate Project for GEOG 8530: Cartography & GIS

The graduate project for Cartography & GIS is the creation of a web page on an aspect of cartography or GIS for Wikipedia. The following are Wiki pages that were put together by students in this course: - Kimberley Stuart - Ryan Poots - Nate Bowers - George Frye - Abhijeet Maskey - Camilo Torres - Marvin Treu - Tracy Locke (section on color progression) - David Sample (entire section on tactile maps) - Michael Altamore (section on Social Impact)

Like these examples, your contribution should follow the Wikipedia guidelines, be formatted properly, include a "See also" list, references, a listing of categories, and at least three illustrations.

The formatting is relatively straight-forward and you can use one of the pages above as a template. You'll need to work through the copyright restrictions on illustrations and deal with any the online editors that will inevitably find your page and make suggestions for improvement. If you don't follow their suggestions, the page can be removed.

The first step is to think of a topic. Then, look at the cartography category:

and the GIS category

to see if an article has already been entered on that topic. Also, check with me to see if the topic is acceptable.

Following this, you would do your research and write the article. You submit a Word version of your article four weeks prior to the last day of class. I will provide comments and return with corrections by two weeks before the last day of class. The corrections need to be completed and the Wikipedia page uploaded by the last day of class.