GEOGRAPHY 3530 Name:_______________________

Cartography & GIS Final Exam

Dr. Michael Peterson 100 pts


1. What is the distinction between analog and digital cartography? (4pts)







2. What are the two major ways that information acquired for mental maps? (2 pts)









3. Change the following to RFs and verbals: (2 pts each; 8 total)


7.2 inches : 1 mile RF _______________ 1cm: _____________ KM



3.2 cm : 7.3 KM RF _______________ 1in : _____________ miles



4. On the map below, 300 meters measures 0.75 inches. What is the scale of the map in the following expressions of scale (2 pts each; 6 total)

RF 1:_____________


1 in: _____________ miles


1 cm: ____________KM




5. On a map with a scale of 1:75,000, a soybean field measures 2.25 x 1.75 cm. What is the area of the soybean field? (2 pts each; 6 total)

a) square miles: b) acres: c) square KM:





6. Explain why a numeric expression of scale (RF, verbal scale) cannot be used with maps available through the Internet (2 pt).






7. Describe each of the following and indicate the significance of each to the history of cartography (2 pts each):

a) Marshall Island stick chart:





b) Babylonian clay maps:






c) T in 0 maps:






d) Ptolemy:






e) photogrammetry:






8. Describe the work of Snow, an early example of thematic cartography. How is his work related to GIS? (4 pts)







9. Use a diagram to explain how Eratosthenes computed the circumference of the Earth. What assumptions did he make? What angles did he measure? What rules from geometry did he use? (5 pts) /27

10. Describe the following cartographers. (5 pts each)

a) Mercator:








b) Ortelius:








11. Describe the process of making a map with the ArcMap program (10 pts)








12. Describe each of the five aspects of cartographic abstraction (10 pts)

a) selection-




b) simplification-




c) exaggeration-




d) classification-




e) symbolization-




13. List the relative advantages of the computer vs. the paper medium for cartography (10 pts):









14. Describe some of the problems with the online street mapping sites (10 pts).



































15. Online Assignments (3 pts)

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