Music of Germany



1.      Popular Music from West Germany

o    Rock

1.      “Hero”

2.      Hallogallo

3.      “It’s a Rainy Day in Manchester”

o    Popular Solo Artists

1.      Männer

2.      Wenn du Durchhängst

3.      Durch Deine Liebe

o    Hamburger Schule

1.      “Hi Freaks!”

2.      “Die Interessanten

2.      Popular Music from East Germany

o    Ostrok

1.      Geh Dem Wind Nicht Aus Dem Wege

2.      Albatros

3.      Glastraum

4.      “Bye bye”

3.      Popular Music from Reunified Germany

o    New German Popular Music

1.      Ein Kompliment

2.      Durch Die Nacht

3.      “Was Würdest Du Tun ?”

o    Hip Hop

1.      “Die Da

2.      “mfg”

3.      Wenn es nicht hart ist

o    Punk

1.      Lied vom Scheitern

2.      Alles aus Liebe

o    Metal

1.      Rock you like a Hurricane”

2.      “Fast as a Shark”

3.      “Power’

o    Electric Music and Techno

1.      “The Robots”

2.      “Cold Water Canyon”

3.      “How Much is the Fish”

Popular Music from West Germany


Genuine German rock first appeared around 1968.  At the time, the German musical avant-garde had been experimenting with electronic music for more than a decade, and the first German rock bands fused psychedelic rock from abroad with electronic sounds.  The next few years saw the formation of a group of bands that came to be known as krautrock or Kosmische Musik groups, such as Tangerine Dream, Popol Vuh, Can, Neu! and Faust.  German Rock had become a very popular kind of German music.  Many people were impacted on Germany's great rock, so there were more and more fans excited to hear the sounds of this music.


o   “Hero”

o   Hallogallo

o   “It’s a Rainy Day in Manchester”


In the 1980s most German-language popular music was sung by male solo artists.  A couple are, Udo Lindenberg and Herbert Grönemeyer.  Only Grönemeyer has managed to maintain his success up to today.


o   Männer

o   Wenn du Durchhängst

o   Durch Deine Liebe


Hamburger Schule is an underground music-movement that started in the late 1980s and was still active till around the mid 1990s.  It has been an important part of Germany's youth and gave the term "Pop" a new definition, as now it was "ok" to sing in the German language.  The bands from this era were Blumfield, Die Sterne, and Tocotronic.


o   “Hi Freaks!”

o   Die Interessanten


Popular Music from East Germany


By the early 1970s, experimental West German rock styles had crossed the border into East Germany and influenced the creation of an East German rock movement referred to as Ostrock. On the other side of the Wall, these bands tended to be stylistically more conservative than in the West, to have more reserved engineering.  The best-known bands were The Puhdys, Karat, City, and Silly.


o   Geh Dem Wind Nicht Aus Dem Wege

o   Albatros

o   Glastraum

o   “Bye bye”


Popular Music from Reunified Germany


In the 1990s, German-language groups had only limited popularity, and only a few artists managed to be played on the radio, for example Rammstein, Rosenstolz or Die Prinzen.  This changed in 2002 with the success of Wir sind Helden, a German band with a new musical self-confidence.  This success was followed by several other bands such as Sportfreunde Stiller, Silbermond, and Panik.


o   Ein Kompliment

o   Durch Die Nacht

o   “Was Würdest Du Tun ?


Outside of the United States, Germany generates the most sales for recorded hip hop, and has one of the more vibrant scenes in the world.  Hip hop arrived in the early 1980s, and graffiti art and breakdancing became well-known quickly, with hip hop crews appearing soon thereafter.  The huge commercial success started in 1992 with the hit "Die Da" from Die Fantastischen Vier from Stuttgart.  This band makes rather funny and sophisticated hip hop.  The Rödelheim Hartreim Projekt tried to establish a more USA-like "gangster" rap.  An early major influent group was Advanced Chemistry including Torch.


o   “Die Da

o   “mfg”

o   Wenn es nicht hart ist


Germany was one the most important origins of punk bands.  Important bands include Die Ärzte and Die Toten Hosen.  Even most Germans don't know that there are a lot of punk bands with their primary audience in Japan, which stay relatively unknown to German listeners.


o   Lied vom Scheitern

o   Alles aus Liebe


Germany has a long and strong history with heavy metal.  It is considered by many to be one of Europe's heaviest contributors to the scene.  The genre is quite popular within the country.  Heavy metal bands from Germany include Scorpions, Accept, Helloween, Blind Guardian and Rammstein.


o   Rock you like a Hurricane”

o   “Fast as a Shark”

o   “Power”


Germany has the largest electronic music scene in the world.  The band Kraftwerk was one of the first bands in the world to make music entirely on electronic equipment, and the band Tangerine Dream is often credited as being among the originators and primary influences of the "Berlin School" of electronic music, which would later influence trance music.


o   “The Robots”

o   “Cold Water Canyon”

o   “How Much is the Fish”


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