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Quiz on Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Region

No. of Questions= 10
Grade Standards: below 60% F, 60-70 D, 70-80 C, 80-90 B, 90-100 A.

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Answer these questions about Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Region.

1 Most of the larger cities in Australia are located:
a) on the north-west coast.
b) in the interior, fairly centrally located.
c) all over the continent.
d) along the eastern seaboard.
e) none of the above.
2 Australia's population distribution is mainly peripheral in location and:
a) evenly distributed.
b) highly clustered.
c) mostly northerly in location.
d) mostly interior in location.
e) mostly western in location.
3 Australia is marked by a vast arid and semiarid interior, extensive open plain lands, and:
a) tropical periphery
b) arid periphery.
c) grassland periphery.
d) marginal moister peripheral zones.
e) none of the above.
4 Australia and New Zealand's antipodes would be:
a) Japan.
b) SE Asia.
c) Hawaii.
d) South Africa.
e) northwest Europe.
5 Australia's indigenous Aborigine population was almost completely submerged by the European invasion, and is now:
a) numerically small and participates only slightly in modern society.
b) a major part of Australian society.
c) numerically large.
d) an important element of Australian population and society.
e) none of the above.
6 The major city of New Zealand is:
a) Dunedin.
b) Nelson.
c) Greymouth
d) Westport
e) Auckland.
7 New Zealand's population is:
a) mainly white with a small but growing percentage of indigenous people.
b) ethnically diverse.
c) growing very quickly and will double in population by the year 2000.
d) is being effected by a large number of immigrants.
e) none of the above.
8 A distiction is made between so-called 'high island cultures' and 'low island cultures' in the Pacific Realm. 'High island cultures' refer to the:
a) resource rich islands that depend on tourism.
b) drought-plagued coral islands where fishing is the chief mode of subsistence.
c) better-watered volcanic islands where agriculture is the mainstay.
d) islands that have greater western influence.
e) the rich people that run the land.
9 The most populated part of Melanesia is:
a) Hawaii.
b) Fiji.
c) Tonga.
d) Guam.
e) Papua New Guinea.
10 A common problem that plagues many of the islands in the Pacific World is:
a) pollution.
b) atomic fallout.
c) declining fish population.
d) a lack of fresh water.
e) none of the above.

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Submitted by Patrick Lehr on 06/01/98.