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Quiz on Maps

No. of Questions= 10
Grade Standards: below 60% F, 60-70 D, 70-80 C, 80-90 B, 90-100 A.

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Answer these questions about maps.

1 Which of the following representative fractions is equivalent to a scale of one inch to one mile?
a) 1:13,360
b) 1:23,360
c) 1:93,360
d) 1:63,360
e) none of the above.
2 The measurement of the earth's circumference:
a) was not undertaken until the 1400's
b) was done by Eratosthenes around 250 B.C.
c) required knowing the distance to the middle of the earth.
d) was accomplished by contemporaries of Columbus.
e) none of the above.
3 A map with a representative fraction of 1:24000 could be interpreted as:
a) 1 inch represents 24000 miles
b) 1 cm represents 24000 KM
c) 1 inch represents 0.24 miles
d) 1 mile represents 24000 miles
e) none of the above.
4 Mental maps:
a) are derived from direct experience with the environment.
b) are derived from maps.
c) are useful in organizing information.
d) would include our internalized outlines of states and countries.
e) all of the above.
5 The important geographical direction line that passes through the Greenwich Observatory near London is:
a) the prime meridian
b) 180 degrees north latitude
c) the equator
d) the international date line
e) none of the above.
6 The Greek Eratosthenes measured the earth's circumference:
a) to within about 6000 KM
b) performed his calculations around 250 B.C.
c) measured the angle of the shadow cast by a pole
d) measured the difference in the sun's angle of inclination between the present-day cities of Alexandria and Aswan, Egypt;
e) all of the above.
7 If there are 63,360 inches in a mile, how many miles are represented by one inch on a 1:24,000 scale map?
a) 0.378 miles
b) 2 miles
c) 2.64 miles
d) 5.28 miles
e) none of the above.
8 On the Mercator projection:
a) lines of latitude and longitude do not meet at right angles
b) areas are represented correctly
c) Greenland is depicted as being larger than Australia while the opposite is true
d) angles are not represented correctly on any part of the map excluding the equatorial region
e) all of the above.
9 Mental maps:
a) are a form of mental image
b) are probably very accurate but cannot be drawn very well by most people
c) can be the layout of a building or an internalized map of the world
d) are derived through direct experience with the environment and through maps.
e) all of the above.
10 Lines of latitude:
a) begin with the prime meridian
b) are designated by being East or West from an origin
c) are of equal length.
d) become shorter away from the equator.
e) none of the above.

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