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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


The course is closed. Can I still add the class?

Usually. See me for a signature during the first week.


The Web part of the course scares me. How proficient with computers do I need to be?

All you need to know is how to use a web browser (Explorer or Firefox) and either a simple text editor like Notepad or a word processing program Word. Most of you probably already have experience with both types of programs. If not, you will need to learn how to use them anyway.

Do I need to have my own computer and Internet connection?

No! The students that usually have the most problems with the assignments are those that are working at home and alone on their own computers. The computers in the university labs are kept up-to-date and consultants are available to answer questions. The consultants can be very helpful with general questions on the use of the Internet or Microsoft Word.

If you have your own computer and have an Internet connection through an internet service provider (ISP), I still encourage you to learn how to use the computers in the labs. You may need to look at or print a file while you are on campus. Also, if you have a problem with an assignment, I can show you how it works on the computers in the lab in the Durham Science Center but not on your computer at home.

Can I use an HTML editing program for the assignment?

Sure, if you can find a good one. Programs like Dreamweaver create much cleaner code than Microsoft Word.


What if I can't turn in an assignment on time?

In order to get properly graded, all assignments are due in the classroom at the beginning of class on the assigned date. Late assignments are not accepted, nor can assignments be placed in my mailbox. Two of the lowest sketch map grades are dropped so missing two of these assignments will not affect your grade. You also have the potential of earning 1048 total points.

Do I need to tell you if I will miss class?

This is a courtesy that I appreciate. I don't take attendance but I appreciate if you inform me in person that you won't be able to attend a class. I can at least give you an idea of what you will miss.

Can I get lecture notes if I miss class?

All of the lecture materials that I can make available are on the web page.

I am a student athlete. How do I get your signature on my student athlete progress form?

Your coach is very interested in how you are doing. If you want the confidentiality of your grades respected, see me and we'll set up another way of monitoring your progress.

If you simply need a signature, see me during my office hours or after class.

What can I do for extra credit?

Many of the online web pages done by previous students need to be fixed or updated. Any reasonable proposal will be entertained. Submit an existing version along with proposed changes.

What if I suffer from a case of "academic suicide by professor?"

"Suicide by cop" describes a situation in which a mentally unstable person finds a way to have a policeperson kill them. "Academic suicide by professor" is a similar condition in which a student chronically misses classes, does not study, does not complete the assignments, and ultimately fails the course. Don't do it. Life with an education will be better than life without.


How do you get to travel so much?

I grew up in Wisconsin in a town called River Falls, near the border with Minnesota (formerly the summer training camp for the Kansas City Chiefs). My father worked in Germany on three different occasions for nine months when I was growing up. As I result, I attended a German school for parts of 4th, 7th, and 10th grades. Because I could speak German, I got a job working at the Olympics in Munich, Germany, in 1972, after I graduated from high school. After my Ph.D. I worked at the University of Zürich in Switzerland for a year before coming here. Since being at UNOmaha, I have taken guest professorship appointments at the University of Washington in Seattle (1985), the Free University of Berlin, Germany (Fulbright, 1991), the University of Hawaii (1995), the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Australia (1998), the Technical University of Vienna (Fulbright 1999, 2011), the Applied University of Technology in Munich (1999, 2000, 2001), Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada (2004), Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris: Tanjung Malim, Malaysia (2009), and the Applied University of Technology in Karlsruhe, Germany (2011).

Ambassadorship programs, invited lectures, and international conferences have brought me to Argentina and Uruguay (1988), Budapest, Hungary (1989); Cologne, Germany (1993); Madrid and Barcelona, Spain (1995); Tangier, Morocco (1995); Stockholm, Sweden (1997), Guangzhou, Beijing, China (2001), Portugal (2005), Japan, South Korea, China, Thailand, Singapore, and New Zealand (2006), Warsaw, Poland, Liev, Ukraine, Moscow, Russia (2007), Rio de Janiero, Brazil (2003, 2007), Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia (2009), Santiago, Chile (2009), Bogota, Colombia, Costa Rica, Panama (2010). Due to the technical nature of the workshops that I present, Africa is the only area of the world that I have not visited extensively.

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