Middle America


  1. Regional Characteristics
  2. Demographic Analysis based on Population Data Sheet
    • Population Growth
    • Under 15 / Over 65
    • Infant Mortality
    • Percent Urban
    • GNI PPP
  3. Central America

    • Mexico
    • Guatemala
    • Belize
    • El Salvador
    • Honduras
    • Nicaragua
    • Costa Rica
    • Panama
    • Bahamas
    • Jamaica
    • Cuba
    • Dominican Republic
    • Haiti
    • Puerto Rico
  4. References
  5. Review Questions


Review Questions

1. Which Caribbean country's residents practice a religion that combines Catholicism and Voodoo? A. Puerto Rico; B. Cuba; C. Haiti; D. Bahamas; E. Dominican Republic.

2. Which country has the smallest area in Central America? A. Guatemala; B. Honduras; C. Costa Rica; D. El Salvador; E. Panama.

3. Which country is the only Central American country to have English as its official language? A. Guatemala; B. Nicaragua; C. Belize; D. Panama; E. Mexico.

4. What percent of Mexico's population is urban? A. 50%; B. 40%; C. 80%; D. 65%; E. 75%.

5. The population of Belize, the smallest country in Middle America is: A. 500,000; B. 200,000; C. 250,000; D. 150,000; E. 300,000.

6. What country has the highest literacy rate in Central America? A. Mexico; B. Costa Rica; C. Nicaragua; D. Honduras; E. Puerto Rico.

7. Of Bahamas 700 islands, how many are actually inhabited? A. 57; B. 18; C. 136; D. 22; E. 71.

8. Mestizo refers to: A. a mix of European and Indian population; B. a mix of African and European population; C. a mix of Indian and African population; D. an Indian population.

9. Haiti has the distinction of: A. having the highest GNP of the Caribbean Islands; B. being the only modern nation that has been created by a slave revolt; C. having the largest tourism population of Middle American countries; D. having the oldest city in the New World.

10. Which of the following are problems associated with Nicaragua? A. the lowest GNP per capita of any Central American country; B. the highest Middle American natural increase rate; C. the highest Middle American illiteracy rate ; D. all of the above; E. none of the above.

11. Which country abolished its army in 1948? A. Puerto Rico; B. Nicaragua; C. Mexico; D. Costa Rica.

12. Which sector has a major role in the economy of Jamaica? A. agriculture; B. tourism; C. natural resources; D. all of the above; E. None of the above.

Submitted by Barry Lanka on 11/10/99.