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Quiz on Sub-Saharan Africa

No. of Questions= 10
Grade Standards: below 60% F, 60-70 D, 70-80 C, 80-90 B, 90-100 A.

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Quiz by Leah Yaeger, Dec. 2001.

1 Which African country was settled by freed slaves from America that returned to Africa?
a) Nigeria
b) Kenya
c) Liberia
d) Ethiopia
e) Zambia
2 Which part of Africa has a strong european element, lots of trade and many resources and cashcrops?
a) Equatorial Africa
b) East Africa
c) Southern Africa
d) West Africa
e) all of the above
3 The African country with the largest population is:
a) Kenya
b) Nigeria
c) Congo
d) Zimbabwe
e) Ethiopia
4 Which area of Africa has a serious problem with AIDS?
a) Southern Africa
b) West Africa
c) East Africa
d) Equatorial Africa
e) all of the above.
5 Which of the following statements is incorrect?
a) The Sahara occupies about one half of the continent north of the equator.
b) The largest population concentration is along the Nile River.
c) The main source of income in Africa is oil and other natural resources.
d) The majority of Africans depend on subsistence farming.
e) none of the above.
6 What are the four main countries that have dominated Africa?
a) Great Britian, Portugal, Spain, France
b) Beligum, Japan, Spain, Portugal
c) United States, Great Britian, France, Portugal
d) France, China, Spain, United States
e) great Britian, France, Portugal, Beligum
7 What are the main characteristics of the Sahel region?
a) very dry
b) isolated from the world
c) division in religion
d) transitional region
e) all of the above
8 What country in Equatorial Africa changed their name due to a civil war in another country?
a) Cameroon
b) Gabon
c) Ethiopia
d) Congo
e) Chad
9 Which of the following are characteristics of Southern Africa?
a) drier than most of the continent
b) contains the Namib desert
c) has lots of mineral wealth
d) has large percent of the population with AIDS
e) all of the above.
10 South Africa is the leading exporter of:
a) oil
b) silver
c) uranium
d) gold
e) coal

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