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Quiz on Sub-Saharan Africa

No. of Questions= 10
Grade Standards: below 60% F, 60-70 D, 70-80 C, 80-90 B, 90-100 A.

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Answer these questions about Sub-Saharan Africa.

1 The country with the largest population on the African continent, which today comprises a confederation of the Yoruba, Ibo, and northern Moslem peoples, is:
a) Zimbabwe
b) Kenya
c) South Africa
d) Nigeria
e) Egypt.
2 The trenches that contain the large elongated lakes of East Africa, which were formed by huge parallel faults in the earth's crust, are called:
a) hanging valleys
b) plate collapses
c) elongated valleys
d) break valleys
e) rift valleys.
3 All of the following are major geographic qualities of Subsaharan Africa, except:
a) the area has a plateau character, variable rainfall and soils of low fertility
b) the majority of the people remain dependent on farming
c) there is a high incidence of disease, including malaria, sleeping sickness and river blindness
d) the area has few raw materials that are vital to industrialized countries
e) the raw-material exploitation and export routes, set up during the colonial period, still prevail in most of Subsaharan Africa. Interregional connections are poor.
4 Which of the following countries in Africa was not a colony of France:
a) Ivory Coast
b) Chad
c) Nigeria
d) Senegal
e) Tunisia
5 The country in the Sahel and the Horn region of Africa with the largest population is:
a) Niger
b) Somalia
c) Ethiopia
d) Sudan
e) Chad
6 What country was founded by freed slaves in the early 1800's:
a) Nigeria
b) Liberia
c) Senegal
d) Gambia
e) Benin
7 This East Africa country has no major mineral deposits and receives most of its foreign-earned income from tourism. Culture groups here practice polygamy and a woman's status is measured by the number of children.
a) Tanzania
b) Kenya
c) Uganda
d) Rwanda
e) Burundi
8 Which of the following Equatorial African countries has considerable copper mining activities around its southern city of Lubumbashi?
a) Democratic Republic of Congo, the former Zaire
b) Republic of Congo
c) Gabon
d) Cameroon
e) Equatorial Guinea
9 In the colonial period, which were Portugal's largest colonies in Africa?
a) Democratic Republic of Congo, Malawi
b) Zambia, Nigeria
c) Tanzania, Mozambique
d) Angola, Mozambique
e) Angola, Uganda
10 Which Southern African country, once a colony of Portugal, has considerable oil production from an exclave called Cabinda and invited Cuban troops to support its Marxist government during the 1980's?
a) Zambia
b) Malawi
c) Angola
d) Mozambique
e) Zimbabwe

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