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Quiz on Language and Religion

No. of Questions= 10
Grade Standards: below 60% F, 60-70 D, 70-80 C, 80-90 B, 90-100 A.

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Answer these questions about Languages and Religions.

1 Which is the most spoken primary language in the world?
a) English
b) German
c) Hindi
d) Chinese
e) none of the above.
2 Which of the following is not a Germanic Language?
a) Dutch
b) Italian
c) English
d) Norwegian
e) none of the above.
3 The langauges in use today number approximately:
a) 1000
b) 8000
c) 20 000
d) 3000
e) none of the above.
4 Which of the following languages is not in the romance group of languages?
a) French
b) Spanish
c) Italian
d) Portugese
e) Welsh
5 The Romance language category contains:
a) Spanish, Portugese, French, and Italian.
b) Italian, Spanish, Portugese, and English
c) English, Chinese, Spanish, and Portugese
d) Italian, Hindi, Islam, and German
e) none of the above.
6 The percent of people following the Hindu religion in the world is about:
a) 3%
b) 23%
c) 45%
d) 17%
e) 13.7%
7 Religion:
a) is one aspect of culture
b) is of great importance in the technological world
c) is a destablilizing influence
d) creates change in society
e) none of the above.
8 The approximate percentages of the major world religions, Christianity, Moslem, Hindu, and Buddhist, respectively are:
a) 23%, 20%, 11%, and 6%
b) 23%, 14%, 7%, and 2%
c) 29%, 20%, 13%, and 5%
d) 33%, 24%, 19%, and 3%
e) none of the above.
9 The distribution of Christianity throughout the world is mostly the result of:
a) the origins of Christianity
b) the result of present-day missionary work
c) television evangelism
d) cable television in general
e) European expansionism
10 Religion is:
a) defined by a system of beliefs
b) is of primary importance in many Islamic countries
c) varies in importance among different cultures
d) all of the above
e) none of the above

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