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Quiz on South America

No. of Questions= 10
Grade Standards: below 60% F, 60-70 D, 70-80 C, 80-90 B, 90-100 A.

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Answer these questions about South America.

1 The dominant economic activity of Venezeula's Lake Maracaibo Lowland is?
a) large-scale cattle herding
b) oil production
c) tourism
d) iron ore mining
e) plantation agriculture
2 Which of the following countries does not contain a portion of the upper Amazon River within its boundries?:
a) Brazil
b) Ecuador
c) Peru
d) Colombia.
e) Venezuela
3 Which of the following countries is best endowed with mineral resources?:
a) Bolivia
b) Ecuador
c) Colombia
d) Venezuela
e) Chile
4 In which of the countries is spanish not the dominate language:
a) Brazil
b) Colombia.
c) Costa Rica.
d) Argentina.
e) Bolivia.
5 A primary reason for the modern-day peneration of the Brazilian interior is?:
a) the decimation of the indian population of the Amazon Basin has resulted in unhindered settlement.
b) the fertile agricultural soils of the rain forest
c) very high Brazilian population growth rates.
d) population growth along Brazil's borders in Venezula, Colombia, Peru, and Bolivia.
e) none of the above.
6 Which of the following was not a major motivation to most Spaniards who colonized the New World?:
a) accuiring a small farm on which one could raise a family
b) the propagation of Roman Catholocism.
c) the rapid acquisition of personal wealth.
d) living ostentatiously off of the labors of others.
e) looking for a source of minerial wealth.
7 Which of the following has not been associated with a Brazilian boom and bust cycle?
a) coffee
b) rubber
c) sugar
d) bananas
e) none of the above.
8 The truning point in the economic development of Argentina as a nation was.:
a) the introduction of refrigiated railroad and ship transportation that facilitated the exporting of Argentine beef to Europe.
b) the importation of thousands of indentured farm laborers from Europe
c) the rise to power of Juan Peron and his support of the descamisados.
d) the introduction of beef cattle by Spanish conquistadors.
e) none of the above.
9 Which of the following is not true of Sao Paulo as a city and/or region?:
a) generates almost two-thirds of Brazil's industrial output.
b) Sao Paulo is now the most populas city in South America
c) was initially developed as the country's leading sugar producing region.
d) is Brazil's most modern, productive and prosperous region
e) none of the above.
10 Which three countries produce 75% of the world's cocaine supply?:
a) Australia, United States, Ethopia
b) Colombia, Jamica, Chile
c) Paraguay, Peru, Colombia.
d) Bolivia, Peru, Colombia.
e) Brazil, Colombia, Peru.

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