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Quiz on Transcaucasia and Central Asia

No. of Questions= 10
Grade Standards: below 60% F, 60-70 D, 70-80 C, 80-90 B, 90-100 A.

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Answer these questions about Transcaucasia and Central Asia.

1 Which of the countries in Transcaucasia and Central Asia has the highest population?
a) Armenia
b) Uzbekistan
c) Saudi Arabia
d) Kazakhstan
e) all of the above.
2 This country has cultural and religious differences with other countries in Transcaucasia:
a) Kazakhstan
b) Norway
c) Armenia
d) Turkmenistan
e) Azerbijan
3 This country has the smallest in area of the region:
a) Armenia
b) Israel
c) Uzbekistan
d) Kazakstan
e) none of the above.
4 The mountain range between the Black Sea and the Caspian is the:
a) Atlas Mountains
b) Caucasus Mountains
c) Alps
d) Algerian
e) Pyrenees
5 Transcaucasia and Central Asia are grouped together for which reason?
a) An A climate
b) They were all independently ruled
c) Oil reserves
d) They are former Soviet republics
e) There is nothing similar between these countries
6 This country has the higest GNP per capita in the region:
a) Kyrgyzstan
b) Georgia
c) Pakistan
d) Kazakstan
e) none of the above.
7 Armenia and this other former Soviet Socialist Republic are in conflict:
a) Turkmenistan
b) Krygystan
c) Uzbekistan
d) Egypt
e) Azerbijan
8 _____________ is Uzbekistan's largest agricultural product:
a) Cotton
b) Sheep
c) Coconuts
d) Beans
e) Wheat.
9 What percentage of Kazakhstan's population is Russian?
a) 10%
b) 36%
c) 40%
d) 60%
e) 48%
10 In what year did most of these countries declare their independence from Russia:
a) 1990
b) 1920
c) 1991
d) 1980
e) 1962.

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