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Quiz on Resource Consumption

No. of Questions= 10
Grade Standards:
below 60% F, 60-70 D, 70-80 C, 80-90 B, 90-100 A.

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Quiz by Sara Waugh, Dec. 2001

1 The United States consumes what percentage of the world's energy?  
  a) 70%
  b) 25%
  c) 30%
  d) 15%
  e) 5%
2 What is the major cause of the greenhouse effect?  
  a) El Niņo
  b) Deforestation
  c) Combustion of fossil fuels
  d) Too much vegetation
  e) none of the above.
3 Which of the following are petroleum products?  
  a) Gasoline
  b) Fertilizer
  c) Plastic
  d) Only a and b
  e) All of the above
4 If we continue to consume coal at the current rate, approximately how much longer can we expect to have enough coal?  
  a) 10 years
  b) 100 years
  c) 1000 years
  d) 500 years
  e) 300 years
5 In 1999 which country was the world's second largest consumer of oil?  
  a) Japan
  b) United States
  c) China
  d) Germany
  e) Canada
6 Which country has the largest amount of oil in reserves?  
  a) Russia
  b) Japan
  c) Saudi Arabia
  d) United States
  e) none of the above.
7 Which country in the western hemisphere has the second greatest oil endowmnent after the United States?  
  a) Canada
  b) Brazil
  c) Colombia
  d) Venezuela
  e) Mexico
8 Why is oil found in places that used to be near the equator?  
  a) Lush tropical zones
  b) Lots of plants
  c) Large amounts of sunlight
  d) Animal life
  e) all of the above.
9 Where does the United States import most of its oil from?  
  a) Mexico
  b) Middle East
  c) South America
  d) Africa
  e) None of the above
10 Where are the greatest reserves of natural gas suspected to be found?  
  a) Russia
  b) United States
  c) Norway
  d) Indonesia
  e) none of the above.

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