Hello and welcome to my web page.

I am your host Brian Anderson



First I would just like to introduce myself. I am currently attending the University of Nebraska At Omaha. I am going to attempt to graduate with a B.S. in Geography. Actually I only need 12 more hours of classes, this means I graduate in December 1997. So if anyone is out there looking for a great guy to work for them who has a wide background in Geography drop me a line.

If you get the urge to drop me a line my email address is <banders@radiks.net>


Now it is time for me to share some of my Interests and hobies. I like to ride my mountain bike. If you are interested it is a older Univega. I have mavic rims, control tech stem, Halson front shock ( not the newest and best but it does a great job), and shimano LX components. My bike is nothing fancy but it is a trust worthy friend I have never had a major problem with. Here are a few links I thought you people might like if you are into mountain bike stuff.

Now for my resume.

Brian E Anderson

7601 Lawndale Drive

Omaha, NE. 68134-4440

(402) 571-8249





University of Nebraska at Omaha, B. S. In Geography, Graduation Date Dec. 1997.

High School Education at Omaha Benson High School Graduated May 1991.


Work Experience:

I have worked at First Data Resources for four years, from April 14, 1993 to present.

I worked as a Vault clerk for a year and a half.

My current position is Fraud Detection Analyst II, for two and half years.

I have worked with Windows, OS/2, and other computer systems.

I have used both Macintosh UNIX, and PC DOS systems on a regular basis.


University Related Experience:

School course work

Physical and Urban Geography knowledge.

Geographic Information Systems courses.

Remote Sensing, Imagine Modules, Aerial Photo Interpretation.

Cartography projects.

Introductory programming classes in C++, and Q basic.

Specialized Geography Work

Hydrology background, tools, and Groundwater research projects.

I have worked with Groundwater models Aquisolve, Flownet, Quickflow, and Tracer.

Extensive work with Adobe illustrator.

Map Digitizing experience.

Worked with data manipulation software ArcView, Map Factory, and Arc/Info.



Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity

Alumni Relations Chairman

Pledge Education Board

Pledge class President

Fraternity Scholastic Program

Co-philanthropy chairman


United States Army Reserve

Ground System Surveillance and Radar school training, Honor Graduate

Military Intelligence Unit

Rank of Specialist



Honors and Activities

Gamma Theta Upsilon Geography honor society

Citizen Soldier 1994 Knights of Aksarben

Geography club

Member O.M.A.H.A Hockey Association

Community service and philanthropy

Interests in ice hockey, biking, hiking, golf







It is now time to say good bye for now But I will be back to make this bigger and better once I have the time to concentrate.