Born (in a house, no doctor) in a small town in N.W. Iowa. I definitely remember when we pumped water and used outhouses. Electricity amounted to two lights; one in the kitchen and one in the living room both were in the middle of the ceiling and hung from cords. Yes we did have shoes and I even graduated from high school in 1963 when I was 17. (You do the math.) Two weeks after graduation I entered the U.S.A.F.

My hobbies are traveling and fishing. Fishing could probably consume my remaining years if someone would pay for it. I have fished from Mexico to Alaska and Labrador to Hawaii; Shark, Barracuda, Dolphin, Tuna, Sailfish, Wahoo, Salmon (Coho, King and Atlantic) Halibut, Grayling, trout (Cutthroat, Rainbow, Brook, Brown and Lake), Tarpon, Bone Fish, Muskee, Pike and of course Bluegills. I had the good fortune to fish one of the world's premiere trout streams (DePuy's 10 mi S. of Livingston MT) with one of Ernest Hemmingways granddaughters and her husband. I did not know who they were until the next day when a guide asked me how I knew them. That's what's great about fishing everyone has the same station and desire.


1963 - 1966 Fighter/Interceptor Mechanic

1966 - 1967 Construction Work

1967 - 1969 Western Iowa Tech - Mechanical Design & Drafting

1969 - 1996 AT&T (nee Western Electric now Lucent Technologies)

Ten years Engineer Associate designing, buying and installing new production equipment and modifying old.

Two years production supervisor.

Five years machine maintenance and construction supervisor.

Two coordinator of facilities closing and consolidation efforts.

Two years product engineer for data cables and wire insulating.

Two years as "factory of the future" engineering representative.

Three years Senior Engineer over machine maintenance.

1983 BGS University Nebraska at Omaha - General Science

1984 Executive MBA University of Nebraska at Lincoln

1996 Retired from AT&T enrolled UNO.