GIS Final Projects


 Undergraduate:  Graduate:
 GIS Software  GIS and the GLOBAL Distribution of CO2
 Physical Geography GIS Data Sources for Nebraska  Using Data from the WWW in a GIS
 DMSP and its APPLICATIONS  Using GIS to Create a Fear Index of the UNO Campus
 The Cowboy Trail Interactive Map  
 Siting Pizza Delivery Services in Omaha, Nebraska
 3D-GIS and VRML  Groundwater Contamination
 Analyzing Parking Demands  Viewshed Analysis for Power Plant Siting
 Analysis of Suicide and Median Income in the US
   Site Analysis
 Omaha Racial Population Distribution and Corresponding Income Levels
 Geocoding Section 8 Housing Vouchers
 Lead Contamination in Omaha

Siting an Amusement Park


Crime in Omaha

Crime Data

Exercise Gyms Cell Phone Coverage
Viewshed of First National Bank Omaha Demographics