Geog 4050/8056 FINAL
Geographic Information Systems
Dr. M. Peterson

1. Define the following (use a diagram if appropriate): (2pts each; 10 pts total)
a) visible spectrum-

b) spectral signature and spectral response pattern-

c) pixel and raster (Did you know that raster is greek for rake?)-

d) thematic mapper (describe spatial/spectral characteristics)-

e) proposed high-resolution earth resources satellites (describe spatial/spectral specifications) -

2. Extended Definitions: (5pts each; 20 pts total)
a) What is the distinction between spectral and spatial resolution in remote sensing? Answer the question in terms of the distinction between Landsat TM and SPOT imagery.

b) What is the spectral reflectance pattern of vegetation over the .4 to 1.0 micron range in comparison to artificial turf? Use a graph.

3. Data Management definitions: (2 pts each; 10 pts total)
a) TIN -

b) run-length encoding -

c) polygon model -

d) topological model -

e) DBMS integrity function -

4. Explain some of the major issues involved in GIS data quality. What are sources of error? How is data quality often defined? (10pt)

5. How important is the user interface in GIS? Is the complexity of GIS software related to the inherent complexity of the operations or is it the result of programmer stupidity in user interface design combined with limitations in hardware and software? To what extent can GIS functions become 'mainstream' and replace how people use maps? (10 pts)

6. Do you think the following claim is a fair one? (10pts)
"In a capitalist society, GIS tends to reinforce the polarization of power and wealth. Because GIS is expensive, it becomes a tool for those who can afford it and serves their ends; while the have-nots are too poor to have the access to the technology and thus fall into a more powerless position."

7. Descibe the purpose and the major techniques (purpose, study sites, hardware, software) used in the following articles: (5pts; 10 pts total)

a) Virtural Worlds Capture Spatial Reality-

b) Fuzzy Logic Can Help GIS Cope with Reality-

8. Explain the GPS system - satellite configuration, method of determining location, accuracy, differential positioning (4pts each; 20 pts total)