Raster Modeling in ArcGIS

Part 3: Questions


Download this file, open it in Frontpage and put your answers below the questions. Submit the completed html file to your Webfolder.


1. There are many different choices for defining the analysis extent in Spatial Analyst. Explain the analysis extent and describe the options that you may use in ArcGIS to select the extent.


2. Explain the different options available in ArcGIS to select a cell size for analysis outputs.


3. What does the value field represent in the ArcGIS raster format? (Hint: The two main types of data are represented differently with the value field)


4. How do you reclassify nominal data such as landuse?


5. What is cost weighted distance as opposed to Euclidean distance?


6. Calculating the shortest cost path requires a cost distance raster layer, a cost direction raster layer (which defines the direction of the lowest cost), and a destination file. This type of calculation is called the least cost pathway. What does the resulting map really mean? The least cost of what?



Created by Eva Grund, February 2005, questions taken from Portland State University.