GEOGRAPHY 4660/8666: Geographic Information Systems II

Professor Peterson

University of Nebraska at Omaha

Geographic Information Systems II
An introduction to advanced geographic information systems (GIS) topics. Emphasis will be placed on raster methods of modelling. Topics include spatial analysis, spatial interpolation, GIS modeling, and online methods in GIS. Formal laboratory instruction will provide students with GIS experience to solve application problems. A special emphasis will be placed on new developments in open source GIS software. Students will setup and configure a Linux-based map server.

Readings and course participation, designed to supplement such readings, form the core of the course. Students are held responsible for all materials.  Course participation consists of leading and contributing to seminar discussions. 

The seminar component of the course consists of general discussions and discussions of the readings. These readings are designed to be read before the class so that you can actively contribute to the class discussion. In order to encourage class discussion, each student will be a discussion leader. This person is responsible for leading the classroom discussion. It is important that everyone in the class take part in these discussions. Therefore, class attendance and participation are mandatory. If you miss class, then you must submit the answers to the questions the following day.

The lab portion of the course will consist of assignments with ArcGIS, MapServer and Linux.

1) Linux installation guide.
2) Readings to be assigned from textbooks and articles.
3) Storage device.  100 MB zip disk or USB key would work in both the cartography (DSC 292) and GIS (DSC 296) labs.

Final grades will be based on the final exam (20%), exercises (25%), course participation (25%), and a final project (30%). Grading is carried through on the total points accumulated with 90%, 80%, 70% and 60% representing the approximate cut-offs between letter grades.


A final exam will be given that consists of short answer and essay questions.


Exercises: All exercises are to be submitted as web pages, normally one week after they are assigned.  You will be shown how to submit assignments to a web folder and how to link all of these assignments from a single file.  The exercises that you submit will represent an online portfolio of your work.

Web/Map Server: You will be setting-up a web server, including all aspects of installing the operating system and configuring the appropriate software. You will be the system administrator for small map serving application.


The final project will be submitted as a paper, poster, and PowerPoint presentation. The poster will be presented at the state GIS/LIS meeting and you are strongly encouraged to give your presentation at the meeting as well.