Geography 3000

 Travel Study in Geography

 Dr. Michael Peterson

Itinerary Page

The Itinerary Page describes a 3-week trip to the place you intend to visit. It is a day-by-day description of the trip that includes information on all travel connections. Use as many of the resources from the previous assignments as possible.

The major items that I will be looking for are a reasonable schedule and an overall estimate of the cost.  Include the ground travel method that you chose in the previous assignment.  The schedule should show that you understand the proximity of the places you intend to visit and that you leave enough time to travel between those places.  It should be a doable schedule.  For cost, I would like to see that you have the price for getting to the location (airfare), the price for ground travel, and a reasonable estimate for lodging and food.  The last row of your itinerary should include a total cost for the trip.