Why we travel?


  1. Why travel?
  2. Why should young people travel?
  3. Why don't Americans travel?
  4. Self-imposed Isolation
  5. Long way Round / Long Way Down review
  6. A geographer's perspective

Why travel?

How does Huberman (Why Travel?) explain to her friends in Maine why she travels?

Why should young people travel?

Comment on Peterson's why young people should travel.

Why don't Americans travel?

What are some reasons listed by Baskerville (American Travel Habits: Is Geography Holding Us Back?) for American isolationism.

Self-imposed Isolation?

Each of us lives in varying degrees of isolation from the rest of the world. This isolation is both happenstance and self-imposed. If we are born in an isolated part of the world with few opportunities to travel, we will likely lead an isolated existence. Self-imposed isolation occurs when have many opportunities to see other parts of the world but choose to spend our time and resources in one tiny area. We isolate ourselves because we are afraid or uncomfortable in other parts of the world.

Describe the lives of some people you know and how they engage in self-imposed isolation.

Long way Round / Long way Down review

I hope you've enjoyed these two series. To what extent do you agree with Wallaston"s (Motorcycle Emptiness) review?

A Missing Geographic Perspective

As a geographer, my criticism of the series is that the two motorcycle riders display little geographic knowledge. As actors, their geographic education is probably limited. Comment on a particular scene from either series where a knowledge of physical or human geography would have helped understand what they experienced.

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