Airfare assignments experiences É


At first, I couldn't find anything that came in under what was the target price range. After a motivating email, I set out with full intentions of finding a great fare. Low and behold, after researching patiently, I found a great price.



The London assignment was interesting and useful. I have a friend who will be traveling there this summer, so I was able to give him advice on the cheapest airfare websites. I enjoy comparing prices and getting the best deals as well as learning about websites set up for cheaper travel. I currently fly almost free with stand bye since my brother works here at Epply for Delta and I am listed as his companion.



I have uploaded the London assignment.  It was interesting trying to find the best air and bus fairs and deciding when to leave.



I searched at least ten websites at first to find the cheapest price, but I only think a couple of them are useful, like studentuniverse, asaptickets, kayak.

For the one from Omaha to London by air, I set my 3-week period from end of June to end of August, it seemed much expensive than $750 which is the price our teacher assumed, but I couldn't find any prices less than $863. And I didn't see any other students posting a cheaper price.

For the combo one, I thought it should be more expensive than only flight, if taking the bus to New York first. Then I saw Emily used the website to find a cheaper total price by taking bus to Minneapolis instead of New York. I tried that, it surprised me that flying to London from Minneapols is so cheap, the total price is only $580 includes bus cost from Omaha to Minneapols. But I couldn't see the details of that flight, so I don't know if it's in June to August.

I have a friend in London, he said most time if you contact to a travel agency to buy the flight ticket, it will be cheaper, they always have some good deal.



This assignment was pretty challenging for me. A lot of the airlines that I would search would cause pop ups that go to other airlines which each would ask me to click "Find Price" When I would click this, it would cause even more pop ups from the same websites that I had previously popped up!

I then decided to use my most basic approach when I plan my flights of going directly to the airline and finding a price. This seemed to give better results, but I still couldn't get close enough to the price target. I saw that other people used this student services airline thing, and when I couldn't find that, I ended up stumbling across this cheapo airlines site that gave me a really good price.

I thought I could outsmart everyone by finding a courier price (that is where you get SUPER cheap flights but you have to be in charge of documents when you travel). Unfortunately, I couldn't do that. :)

Lets all plan a trip to London! It was a lot cheaper than I thought it would be! ...lets just not do it in the summer.



I found this assignment to be challenging and competitive.  I hunted for the lowest price on numerous websites, but was unsuccessful at reaching the goal I wanted.  I was determined to find a price 750.00 or cheaper but was aggravated when the lowest price I could keep finding was around 870.00.  I used air travel consolidator websites, bus search engines, I even looked under domestic bucket shops.  I thought this assignment was fun and challenging at the same time.  I hope everyone else enjoyed it!



I compared many websites, and it seems that always came out the cheapest. I've also noticed that prices tended to go up in July and August. It was a lot cheaper to travel in May and near the beginning of June. But I think our assignment was to choose a travel date AFTER class ends. The prices were fairly okay... mine consistently was over the goal mark of $750. But looking at the other sites besides, the fares rose up SIGNIFICANTLY, even double the price.

For those of you who are having trouble with images, take a look at my site again and see how I did it. I actually put my pictures in an extra folder labeled 'images' in the 'geog3000' folder. Therefore, my coding might be a little different than most of yours. You can put it directly into the 'geog3000' without having to do the extra step, but it might give it some organization if you create a separate folder for images.




Couldn't believe the price difference makes over all others like,,, and the rest.



The warnings that this class would be time-consuming and we need a high-speed internet connections were not just suggestions!  I had fun with the London assignment, but after a while, I could not remember where I had written down the web sites and fares.  I had researched an October trip for quite some time before reading the Saturday email from Dr. Peterson.  The 'devil's in the detail'.  I checked into Amtrak and other bus companies.  Greyhound was the easiest site to work through of the buslines I checked.  Amtrak was too expensive and I did not even record the fares I found. 

Waiting to leave after Memorial Day immediately shot fares up.  I was glad to see the "you can leave anytime from now until three weeks before Labor Day".  I don't think I could have found a price below the suggested $750 if I waited to leave in June.

When I saved the assignment in .htm format, it was entitled "London assignment". It took me a little while to figure out why I was not seeing my web page when I went in to the web sites link at

Good luck! was the least expensive rates for various dates and departure cities I tried.  A high speed connection is critical unless you have endless patience.  I have none.



So far the cheapest airfare I can find from Omaha to London is $865 after taxes and fees on and $666 from Boston to London before a $92 bus ride. Has anybody found anything less expensive?



Here are the two airfare ticket sites I found most helpful:
Student Universe
Asaptickets (be careful, it doesnŐt include the taxes)


This assignment took a little while for me to complete.  Firstly, I researched flights using multiple websites, including,, and  From these sites, Kayak did return the cheapest overall flight; however, with a credit card statement credit, the price on was eventually the cheapest.  I then researched bus fares leaving from Omaha to New York.  These varied in price, and the cheapest I was able to locate was $178 for a roundtrip.  According to the drop down menu, this included a military discount; however, I'm unsure if this altered the price at all.  Dates and time of the week greatly changed the price of tickets, both for flight and for the bus.  I found that the cheapest flights left Monday and Tuesday, and returned during the week.  Flights and bus fares leaving on a weekened were substantially more expensive.



I had played with the transportation methods on how to get to the closest airport and such and I found out that  a train and a greyhound where almost identical in cost. there was only a few bucks worth or so. not worth staying in a couped up seat on a bus versus a train. And being on a train you get way more luxuries and it takes way less time. But I guess it's all about what your willing to sacrifice and or what your wanting to deal with. 



I thought this assignment was pretty interesting to do (I sometimes like to look up airfare flights to other places, like Ireland or Germany in my spare time and dreamt about going there one day). I thought of some websites to visit, but the links Dr. Peterson provided made it easier. I looked at both Greyhound and MegaBus (which is a bus that connects between Omaha and Chicago) but unfortunately it would not let me search on the dates I wanted (Sept) and I was able to Greyhound's website. I looked at various flights and destinations. I started out with a bus to NY and fly out from there, then I thought: what about Chicago? So I looked at buses to Chicago and flights from there. It was cheaper than riding a bus all the way out to NY or east coast cities with an international airport. I found a bus plus a flight price cheaper than a flight directly out of Omaha to Stockholm, but of course a meal price would have to be included (but no hotel because I thought it would be easier to ride a bus over night instead of paying for hotel).



I avoided this assignment for some time because it freaked me out a bit (to be honest).  Once I got started I realized it really wasn't so bad.  I began by searching Kayak and comparing it to a bunch of other sites.  Then I clicked on a few more of the links Dr.Peterson provided for us and compared them there too.  I was surprised how drastically the prices dropped between July and September.  I then looked up Grayhound prices.  I initially forgot to click roundtrip for this, so I had to go back and redo it.  I then found the cheapest airfare from New York and made sure the times connected correctly.  For me it was not much cheaper to take the bus than to just fly out of Omaha.

One i completed the assignment, I uploaded it to myfolder like the other assignments.  No problems this time!



I played around with the dates, times, and locations of departure as most of you did and I personally found that traveling from Omaha to stockholm was a better deal than boarding a bus and then a plane in another state. The things that influence the travel for me was the time of travel from summer to winter to different times of the day. As I also checked prices in other dates than what was assigned to see what the difference was, what I found was it was by far best to travel in the month of December as the plane ticket drops to the high 800's found this a little interesting as I always thought Christmas time was a high travel time of the year.



I used, because it searches several travel sites at the same time. From there I compared,,

I also checked,, and 

I checked bookingbuddy as well, which was like It lead me again to which had the cheapest prices.

I use NVU for my editing, so I downloaded the stockholm.htm file and opened it in NVU. I put in all my information and saved it to the geog3000 folder but for some reason it won't show my pictures.



For this assignment, I searched for the cheapest rates on these websites:,,,,, and I determined that the cheapest rates I could find were in the middle of the week (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday) in the fall. The best rates that I could find were from and After I determined my best rate options, I typed up all my text in the template from the syllabus. Then I used the snipping tool in my programs to select the image I wanted. Then I simply copied the image from the selection in the snipping tool and pasted it into my text. I resized it all, and saved it as Stockholm.htm and Web Page. Then I copied that into the geog3000 folder in the public folder.


For this assignment I found that the cheapest sites for flights were and I started off using kayak. On the home page, off to the right, is a calendar that shows the lowest fares that have been booked. Based on this calendar, it looked as if fares would be lowest in September, but just to check, I also pulled up flights in every month (June, July, August, and September). Just to make sure that September really was cheaper, I used the same method on, which produced the same results. Still, kayak was cheaper, but then I checked rates on and that was even cheaper. So, for the parts dealing with airfare rates, I used For the part dealing with bus fares, I used I noticed that you could book a round-trip bus fare, but I chose to do two separate one-way trips just to show the trip chronologically (the price ended up the same anyway).

As far as chosing what airport to fly out of, I looked at international airports in Washington DC, Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Charlotte, Newark, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Raleigh, Richmond, and Chicago, but JFK turned out to be the cheapest I could find.

And just to note, Tuesdays and Wednesdays were the days of the week I found the cheapest rates during any month.