Tips for the around.htm assignment É


There did not seem to be an easy way of muster all the travel together by using one website. I do not no why, but when I was using various websites while doing the bus and air itinerary, I was able to find better deals. I think it might be that my geography was getting better after the first itinerary. I found that by traveling by bus to Mexico City before flying into South America greatly reduced cost. Likewise, I found that by flying from Asia into Brisbane, Australia then taking a bus to Sydney and flying to Miami greatly reduced cost; it was only $109 to get from Miami and back to Omaha. By using various forms of transportation I was able to greatly reduce the cost compared to flying everywhere.



I don't know about everyone else but this assignment, for me at least, was by far the most time consuming.  I felt like I had to keep going back and redoing portions of it because I would run into an unexpected high price which would then throw a wrench in my entire trip.  I feel like it partly had to do with me basing my prices first off of the TripPlanner and just assuming that I would be able to get in that estimated price range. It might be too late to mention this but I wouldn't advise basing your prices off of the site to begin with. If I could have redone this I would have just started with the booking sites instead of getting a estimated price stuck in my head. 



After much work on this I also found that it was cheaper to purchase one-way flights rather than using or  I used and was able to get one-way flights to every continent for just over $3000. That is more than half off the prices I was seeing on the Star Alliance website.



The lowest potential price I got was from Air Treks, but they also gave me a very wide price range.  The lowest price was about $3800 with the highest over $4000.  Initially, I got a price of $4700, until I changed the route and shortened the air travel distances.  My initial route was from LAX - Sydney - Beijing - Mumbai - Zurich - Cape Town - Buenos Aires - JFK.  I changed it to LAX - Sydney - Beijing - Mumbai - London - Casablanca - Lima - JFK and got a lower price.

One thing I've learned when comparing airfare prices in general on different websites: Sometimes, the price may look lower on one site, but that site isn't showing the taxes, fees, and other surcharges.  When you add those in, the price ends up being the same pretty much the same as the airfare on the sites that look more expensive.



I first tried to use, but I couldnÕt figure out how to get an actual set price rather than a range. The ranges given were definitely in the area of what I was looking for, but unless I submitted a request for a Òcustom quoteÓ from one of their personal travel consultants and gave contact information, I couldnÕt get a set price. I didnÕt really want to do that, but I still did use the site to plan my route. You can keep changing the route and then it will recalculate the range so you can compare really quickly without having to actually look for flights. My final route was: from Omaha to South America, North Africa, Europe, India, Australia, China, and back here.

Then I tried using That was very frustrating. They only let you fly from certain airports to certain airports, and usually the offered destination airports were not the ones I was looking for. So then I tried This site was easier to use than, but the prices I was getting were way too high (the lowest price I got was over $7,000). And, they only allowed you to travel a maximum of 39,000 miles, with 16 segments. It just wasnÕt working.

So, I finally tried to use for a series of one-way flights. On my first try, I got a total price of only $3843 just for the airfare. Finally, I felt like I was getting somewhere. I did compare these rates to, and it turned out that a couple of the tickets I could get cheaper on, so I ended up using fares from both and for my final trip.

For the dates, I found that fares were cheapest starting in October. I also found that Tuesdays were still the cheapest day of the week as well.



I can't seem to get anywhere near $4000. The two sites I have been using are and Both offer around the world tickets that allow you to select your destinations. Having to go the Southern Hemisphere kills you. On one of my trips, I accidently forgot to include a destination to South America, and my ticket price was just under $5000. With all the requirements (all contientnts except Antarctica, plus India and China) I can barely get below $7000. Maybe I am approaching this the wrong way. Here is my general strategy:

Fly out of New York to South America, usually to Sao Paulo or Rio de Janeiro. I also tried Bogota, Colombia once.

From here, fly to Europe, either, Lisbon, Madrid, or Barcelona. After that, take a short flight to Casablanca (Morocco), Algiers (Algeria), or Cairo. If I fly to Casablanca or Algiers first, I usually end up going to Cairo anyways.

From Cairo, I usually fly directly to Mumbai. From Mumbai, I go to Hong Kong. When I get to Hong Kong my goal is to get to Australia. Here I have gone multiple ways. Either fly directly to Australia or go to Singapore or Bangkok first. Then I fly to Australia via either Sydney or Melbourne. Finally, the only thing left is the flight to LA. From LA, I would take the bus home. 

My other attempts have been alterations of the above route. For example, I have tried flying to Europe directly from North America and visting South America last, from Australia. It seems to be a more expensive option. Another strategy was to fly from Bogota to Casablanca, then from Casablanca to Athens. It was cheaper than the above option but not cheap enough. One thing that I have not tried yet is flying west from LA, either to Hong Kong or Australia, then keep moving westward across the world. 

One factor that may be troubling me is the seasonal one. What month is best to make this trip? I have tried October, July, and March. If I remember correctly, the cheapest ticket was in October, but that was the trip where I forgot to book a flight to South America.