The bio.htm page and uploading experience…



I also had a lot of issues with the uplaoding of my homework. I took it into the Help Desk in Eppley and they did everything the same as I did. When I asked her what I did wrong and she said it had nothing to do with me it was how my computer was uploading the file. She also had issues with the picture uploading and we had to delete and upload the file 3 times before it worked. It had nothing to do with how the upload was being done it was how the file interacted on the UNO site. If you are having these issues you may want to try deleting the file folder and resubmitting it as I said it took the Help Desk lady at UNO three tries for it to work correct with my homework.




I saved the bio.htm file from the schedule page on the website to my desktop. I then opened it with Notepad and put in my information. I uploaded the photo I wanted to photobucket and resized it to a small size, around 200x300. Photobucket provides a direct link for the photo so I copied and pasted it into Notepad. I saved the file and the photo and moved them to my geog3000 folder in myFOLDER. And that was it. Pretty easy.





I have finally uploaded my bio into the myfolder.  I had more problems that anticipated.  First off, if you have any problems, I found all of my answers in Dr. Peterson's email's.  They may not be worded exactly how you are thinking but they are there.  My number one problem was saving the .htm correctly.  Just remember to save as a webpage .htm document everytime you edit it.  You cannot save your file and name it with a .htm the extension in the list below has to be that just like a .docx or .jpg it is telling the computer what type of file you have.  If you just name it that the machine thinks that is the name of the file so it would be bio.htm.htm in a sense.  My second big problem was my picture in Word.  I could not for the life of me figure out how to keep it attached.  I found that when you paste a picture into your bio.htm word document it creates another folder with it.  Dr. Peterson's explanation was travels_files, mine created as bio_files and once I added that entire file along with my bio.htm and my mypict.jpg(which I'm not sure I needed) into myfolder it finally worked. 





I ran into a couple snags when trying to figure out how to upload my bio, but eventually I got to the correct folder and was able to do so succesfully.  Submitting all future assignments should be a breeze from now on.  If there was any issue viewing my bio on the public folder, it can also be seen attached here.





So I think I have everything in line as far as getting my bio.htm up on the site.  This class looks like its going to be pretty fun.  Only problem I had with this assignment was actually getting myFolder to display on my laptop.  I had to access it on my work computer.  Not sure if its a compatibility issue or what.  I'm running windows 8 and Explorer 10. 




Hello everyone!

Well, I just got my bio.htm file up on the webiste. There seems to be some confusion here. Remember that you are supposed to put your bio.htm foler in your UNO myFolder. Under public_html create a "geog3000" folder. Copy your bio.htm file there, it should also automatically copy a folder of any additional files your webpage needs (at least it did for me). Read through all of Dr. Peterson's information carefully. It tells you everything you'll need to know. The discussion board should only be used to discuss how to do the assignments and the content of the assignments. I see that some people have been posting their bios as attachments in the forum instead of posting them as a webpage.

I decided to use Microsoft Word to edit the template file, and I highly recommend it if you are unfamiliar with html. Very intuitive and easy to use. Just remember to save your document with the .htm extension rather than the usual .doc extension.

I noticed a couple of other people already have their websites up. Looks like they did a great job! I look forward to seeing everyone elses over the next couple days.



To be honest, I'm not good at computer at all, so in the beginning, I totally had no idea about this assignment, I didn't even know the difference between html, htm and mht. It was too hard for me to learn a brand new computer skill. But finally I completed this assignment after following the emails, asking other stupid questions. It's a big achievement for me, may also for many students.

I'm glad I looked through the Discussion Board even before I started doing the assignment. I found many people had problem on displaying the website through the links, but it could be avoid by creating a new folder named "geog3000" in public_html folder, and putting files in that folder.

Once I had problem on using Notepad to edit my text, there were some additional words on that webpage, but I couldn't find out. When I tried to use WORD to edit, it seemed harder, so I switched to Notepad again.

Also I don't know why my Windows 7 laptop couldn't display the icon which to be replaced by the title of personal picture. I had a hard time to work it out, after I changed to another computer, it worked.

Although I still don't really understand those different forms, at least I know how to make a webpage.


Hello all,

I am a Senior in MIS graduating this summer! Being in the computer field, the first assignment was not too challenging to design. I designed the first assignment doing basic HTML in Notepad. It's pretty straightforward. If anyone is interested in using HTML, is a great site for learning html.

The most difficulty I had was getting my myfolder account to open up. It will hang and hang for minutes, getting so bad i would have to restart my laptop. Windows Vista works, however you are supposed to log in 3 times!

Good luck to you all!



Trying to work through and understand how and where to copy, paste, type, fix, create, and move was extremely confusing until that incredibly annoying (but long-awaited) A-HA! moment. Now it seems easy enough. I guess I'll find out on the next one if I can remember how to do everything.




I figured out how to properly display and edit my first web page! It was a little tricky and didn't show up on my computer after I put the files into the proper destination, but after checking on a different computer I found out it worked.  The following steps I took:

1. saved the biopage as a webpage complete
2. opened it in notepad
3. made the correct edits
4. saved the webpage
5. created the geog3000 folder under the public file in myfolder
6. put travels.htm and mypict into the geog3000 folder

Worked like a charm, hope everyone else is doing great!




I tried doing my assignment on a laptop and had many problems. Everything went well after I used a computer at UNO instead. I made a file called geog3000 and then saved the travels.htm and edited it with Microsoft Word. It did not make sense at first but now I think the assignment was easy.



My site is up, but I'm still having trouble with my picture. I've been using word and open office to edit my page, is there a way to add a picture properly through those programs, without the <!--[endif]--> parts.

ps I know i need to still change my picture to one with my mug in it.



Still having some problems here, I was able to connect to myfolder using the procedure for Mac on the course website and once I got signed in I dragged my files into the public_html folder but still do not see it uploading at all on the websites page for the course. I created a geog3000 folder within myfolder and dropped the files there too without success. Any help would be appreciated I'm not very adept with these you can see. :) Thanks.



I think I have successfully finished my first assignment.  The tips from everyone were helpful, after I struggled through enough to know which ones applied to me.  Using the html codes reminded me of the days of using mainframe computers to create documents!  Progress is good.  This should be fun.



Hey all!

It seems that many of you are having trouble accessing the myfolder. I did too, even with Internet Explorer. Here's my solution:

Using method 2 (in this case, for Vista), it might be easiest if you map a drive letter on your computer. That way, you will not have to log on to the site every time and face different compatibility issues. Just follow the EXACT steps from the above site, and you should be able to access the public_html folder from your 'My Computer'.

Also, take a look at my site! Right click and look at the source code. You can use the exact same headings, etc. because there are certain requirements you HAVE to put into your website in order for it to function properly. If you use the exact same coding, you should be fine! Even, if you want, use this link, , to validate your website. Just copy and paste your disabled-URL (in this case, it should be

into the empty box on the validator website. It should give you some feedback on any errors you might have on your website. If there are no errors, there should be a Congratulation message.

Last thing, to make sure you can view your website, make sure to go to your public_html folder and make a new folder. This new folder should be named, geog3000. Then once you save your travel.htm page, you should save/copy it into that folder. Make sure the extension is exactly 'htm' and not 'html'.