Tips for the image.htm assignment É


The past few weeks of searches on-line have made me even more reliant on the web for information. It is clear that using the web, you have to be cognizant of dates the information was created - I expect it to all be the latest, but searches also pull in older information.  I've also been reading more about Greece - the country I've chosen to research for travel.  The more I read, the more I waffle back and forth about where I want to plan to travel. I am rethinking the time of year to go and the mode of transportation I will use. 



Overall I thought this webpage was interesting and fun to research.  Finding all the beautiful landmarks and landscapes was enjoyable.  However, I did have a hard time finding webcam pictures of the beach so I went with the downtown plaza. 



The only trouble I had with this assignment was finding a webcam image.  I used Dreamweaver to edit the assignment.  My images are clickable and you are able to roll over them to view other images as well!  I am happy with the final outcome and hope you enjoy looking at it!



This assignment was the most difficult for me so far. Finding a webcam in Laos was impossible, I found traces of former ones but even they wouldn't be very useful if operational.

The biggest thing is I under estimated how time consuming this particular project would be. Finding picture was easy, finding information was harder. The Laos book I checked out from the library came in handy for this one.



The travel book definitely comes into handy when doing this assignment. When I did the assignment, I had to spread it over the whole week to prevent myself from overloading work; definitely a long assignment. The first half of the week was dedicated to the readings and finding good pictures. The last half was putting in the information. Either one was challenging, although I found that finding the pictures was actually more harder for me.

Lol, this might be off topic, but every time I do one of these long assignments, I have to go somewhere like a coffee or food place to do it. There have been a couple times when I really wanted to be outside to enjoy the weather, so I'd bring my laptop outside and do it there. If I end up staying inside the whole day just doing these assignments, I regret so much not being able to enjoy the nice weather. And by the time I finish, it is already getting dark outside. Even so, I'd still force myself to go outside and go for a jog or something. Definitely a good way to relieve stress :)

But anyways, make sure to get the travel guide. It'll make doing the assignments a lot more hassle-free. Most of my ideas on what images to use came from the book. And then, all I had to do was find a good quality picture online. And when doing the captions, just use a lot of creativity if you can. 'Bring life into the picture' was my mind-set when doing this assignment. :)



I have enjoyed viewing everyone's websites, from places I have already visited to others that I hope to visit soon! The image assignment really brings the country to life and connects all the other assignments we have done on our countries. Anyone traveling outside the U.S. this summer or actually planning on visiting the country your assignments have been on?



If you want to find pictures that people have put out on the web you might like It is a sight that searches flicker and allows you to copy some of the photos. It is a great source for random photos of subjects you like.



I just saw that many students had difficult on finding webcam images.

I found a really good website for webcam images, it's I got the webcam images of Hong Kong from it. Actually, it's like a site only for webcam pictures, it includes many different countries in the world, from Europe to Asia; and you can even find the webcam images of the same place in a day/week/month, such as I used four pictures at different times of a day for my Hong Kong city images; some other places, they are like a real webcam while you can see the image is moving as the time passing.

Although I didn't have a hard time with finding webcam images, it still took me forever to complete it, because I was always trying to find the best picture of my subject and use as more as possible pictures to show my destination. When I saw a good image site, I always wanted to start searching over, but never be satisfied with what I chose.



This one was a little troublesome for me. I collected all of the images on one night and some text about the images and then attempted to put everything together the next night. Unfortunately, I forgot to save all the links! Not only that but i also forgot to grab the webcam pictures. I believe this will be the worst of my assignments this semester.



Despite this assignment being time consuming, I thought it was interesting - I learned a lot more about Germany and its regions. I had some difficulty in searching for people so I searched for events instead, I found images of people at events such as Oktoberfest and soccer games. I particularly enjoyed researching some of the towns/cities my German ancestors originated from (Pforzheim and Heidelberg) and places I have read about in books (Berchtesgaden from On Hitler's Mountain). I had trouble with the panoramic images from the email, but found one while searching images. 



This was a pretty fun assignment for me. However, it did take a lot more time than I was expecting. I was hoping to be able to do four pictures from each category, but they did end up a little lop-sided since I wasn't finding the pictures I wanted.

To find pictures, I went through my travel book to see what places I thought would be interesting. Then I used Google Images to find web pictures of them. For my descriptions I used a combination of information from the Internet and my travel book.

The picture that was hardest for me to find was the web cam image. I did as Sam suggested (thank you!) and first searched for live web cams to take a screen shot of, but most of the web cam feeds were so grainy that they didn't make very good pictures. I finally ended up choosing one though, and the screen shot method worked really well.

Finding a panoramic picture was probably the easiest... I simply searched for a panoramic picture of Greece and then picked one of those that came up. I didn't find any of those where you can do a 360 degree view though.



One website that has a really good general collection of images is Lonely Planet.  They categorize them by country and region.  If your destination is a little more off-the-beaten-track and less-traveled, they might not have much (or anything), but for most places there is a pretty good selection.  The image galleries are in the upper left-hand corner of the country overview page.



I'm making some great progress on the assignment, but I'm getting really caught up in that movable panoramic images.  I'm not sure where to find anything good and I'm still kind of confused about how to get it to work and a Word Document.  Any tips?

(There are different formats for the movable panoramic images.  The most common is QuickTime VR.  If you canŐt make one of these work, find a normal, wide panoramic image.)

Other than that, I'm glad I'm working on this early.  So far I have gotten all of the images (except for the one mentioned above) and the links.  Tomorrow (or maybe later today) I will write the captions.



I got a very good start on my image page today. Remember that you need one panoramic image and two webcam images at different times. Wikipedia usually has a panoramic image for most major cities. That is where I got mine for Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. As for the webcam, what I did was search for a live webcam feed of my desired city (Bangkok). I took a screenshot of it and then went back on later tonight to take another screenshot of the same webcam. Then I just cropped the screenshot down so I was just left with the image. In my case, I had a webcam image of Bangkok at night, and then one in the morning as well.

Besides these two images, I cannot imagine anyone will have much trouble. Just make sure that you leave yourself enough time to write all the captions. I am definitely glad that I put a lot of work in today, because the next two days will be a lot easier on me. There are some spectacular images of Southeast Asia out there so I had a hard time choosing which ones I wanted to include.