Tips for the itinerary assignment É


When I first started this assignment, I was struggling to come up with a 21 day itinerary and what I was going to do and where I was going to visit.  After I started I figured out what exactly I wanted to see and enjoy on my vacation and everything came out perfect!



I have to admit that sometimes during the past few weeks I have been at panic mode trying to do all the web searchs and testing my patience with slow connections in hotels and airports and keeping up with work.  I enjoyed actually the Regional Page with more emphasis on writing than web searches.  The Itinerary Page was a riot!  It was so much fun to pick through links I used in earlier assignments, lay out the trip, and then dig deeper in information available to plan day to day.  Oh my gosh!!!   Looking at those steps up to the temple on Acropolis and reading about the renovations....  Socrates walked there!  I choose to not think about the blood that was shed there. 

I knew Greece was not considered an inexpensive destination like it was maybe 20 years ago, but staying in hostels and camping on the beach makes this very affordable.  With that sandy beach and turquoise water lapping the shoreline - I don't think I want to be in a hotel!  The hut I found for lodging in the Vikos Gorge area sounds incredible as well.  This was a very fun assignment.



Wow! I was not ready for how much fun and time this would be. I also realized I made these assignments a bit more time consuming by choosing to visit 3 countries! I learned so much through all my research and do plan on visiting these countries, so it was worth the time. I found Wiki Travel and my "South America on a Shoestring" book to be very helpful through this assignment, as well as the past assignments. My price seems kind of high, but I added in some money just to be smart, I know I have a hard time budgeting on vacation and always spend more money then I intend.



The Itinerary assignment was difficult. It helped that we had a lot of sources from our previous assignments to help us build this Itinerary. However I found it hard to find a lot of good things to do for 21 days. I visited all of the major cities in Italy and I felt like I could do a lot of things on one day. I had to try and spread things out a bit to fill up the time. As much as I wanted to see the night life and check the bars or pubs over there, I felt that this would add a lot to my cost...and possibly have me hung over for the next day which would ruin one of my trip days. I sure hope my trip wasn't too expensive!






The part I enjoyed most about the page was planning the fjord tour in Oslo.  The 3 hour tour was only $37.00 and the best part was that it was a boat tour!  The most challenging part of the assignment was planning for the details of the trip.  Figuring out how you were going to get from place to place and selecting good hostels at a great price.



Wowwww! What a great end to the class! The itinerary assignment was very fun to do because I felt like I was going on a virtual trip :) Imagination!! Haha, I'm a little woozy from all the work done these last couple of days for the class, so I might sound a little weird. I'm trying to keep my mind straight right now, but I seem to be having a hard time. But I told myself, gotta do the discussions!

The itinerary assignment... Basically, most of the information came from my travel book. For the prices and everything, the book definitely comes in handy. It'll organize prices into different categories from which places are cheap to the more expensive ones. The author of the book was really knowledgeable, and I'd have to say, funny. I really enjoyed reading it, even when I didn't have to, haha.

The way I put the page together was still the same as the rest, except I had to utilize more of my CSS page to format it correctly. At first, I used too many id's and class's, so it just made things more complicated. I figured how to make it 'look' right by making it a lot simpler. I don't know if this makes any sense to you, and it's probably just extra information I thought I'd throw in and share with you all. Woooozy!

Okay, I'll leave it as that. Overall, the assignment was definitely a fun one. I'm gonna pass out now, haha :D



This was by far the hardest and most time consuming assignment yet.  The thing that helped me the most was the travel book i had purchased. It gave me the names of hotels and prices every night and the best places to eat. Most even had a website that i could go visit to get pictures and other information.  It was hard to estimate the cost of food per day as i eat a lot and didnŐt know how much food i would try there while visiting so i gave an estimate everyday.  Also, I was surprised that as much time as you think you have its really not that long as you will spend a lot of time at the main attractions you will loose track of time so i only planned at max two things to visit per day.

Overall i am ready to take the trip when i find the time.  This class showed me a lot more than what i thought i could do. 



I think this project was the hardest by far. The formatting from the geo3000 site was giving me a hard time with the pictures. I could place them but when I closed it and opened it again, the pictures were not showing up, just the picture frames. Did anyone else have this problem?



Piecing the trip together was tough. So much time in my itinerary is spent taking the bus between cities. Flights between cities cost 3-4 times the bus fare, but make 10-hour bus rides into a one hour flight. Still, I imagine taking the bus is an experience in itself, and allows a much more extended view of the countryside.

One of the biggest decisions I had to make for the itineray was to go to the Plain of Jars near Phonsavan. Phonsavan is a day's drive away from both Vientiane and Luang Prabang, gobbling up 2-3 days. Some people who have made the trip say it is worth it, other say not. I decided to add it, than I would know for myself.

This trip would be incredibly inexpensive if it weren't for the airfare and airport hotel in Bangkok. All lodging, transportation, food, and activities for a three week stay (minus the flight and airport hotel) is $618.00. That's roughly a quarter of the trip total! Still, a three week vacation on the other side of the world for 2205 isn't too shabby.

The good news is, when I do actually make this trip to Laos, I will likely be flying into the country from India, where I'll be studying. I can hopefully spend a week or two there for $300-$400.



This assignment was very time consuming for me. First I planned out flights, then train times and went from there.. filling in activities and hotels. I thought the hotels were interesting, paying for a bed per person - it is different than American hotels. I started in Berlin and worked my way south into Austria and Switzerland then made my way back up into Frankfurt, Germany. It was tricky planning out the activities but they're doable. 



The hardest part for me is trying to fill up 21 days with stuff to do and only adding one day for travel since I usually need one day for recovery from traveling.  If I had 21 days in Indonesia for real, all the itinerary would say is wake up, go to beach, surf, eat, surf, eat, go to bed.  Wake up and do it all over again.  I'd go see the main tourist attractions.  But that itinerary isn't really in keeping with the spirit of the assignment.

I'm having to do basic estimates for meals based on about what I'd eat every day and I can only do an estimate for transportation around town since they don't say exactly how much cabs cost.  



I finally finished this project, once again it took some serious time to complete. I will say that someday when I become rich, I will consider doing this trip as it was exciting and thrilling from caving, snorkeling, zip lining and deep sea diving all things I would do if I could. I just do not understand how a student could ever make this trip with out the use of couch surfing and camping though I am too sacred of how dangerous this seems.

Recently, we had a guest speaker in my photography class here at UNO who shared with the class some of his travels. He explained that it is very doable to travel on $15.00 a day that he does it regularly. As a matter of fact he shared that he was headed back to the Dian Fossey conservation for another 6 months. If you are interested you can look at his web page where he shares his photos and travels here it is really interesting. Personally I would be way to afraid of the dangers involved.



My questions were: 1) would 21 days include travel time? Or would they begin when we land in our destination? 2) would your cost of ground transportation for car rentals be required to be for under 25 rate, or could we base it on our actual age for us older folks?

Dr. PetersonŐs answers:  1) You could stretch it to 22 days to include the travel days.  If you travel east or west, you usually lose a whole day.  2) Use the car rental cost for your current age.



You will probably use your travel book more extensively than any other assignment here. Mine went as far as to listing particular restaurants and accommodations. Without it you probably get dizzy zigzagging across the Internet looking for hostels and activities. My book also lists estimates for prices too. It is less than one year old so it should be reasonably accurate.

I am generally trying to follow a linear route on my trip. I start in Malaysia and progressively work my way north to Laos. I am using all kinds of transportation on my trip. I actually make use of a few domestic flights. Without them, it would have taken up a lot of my trip time traveling by boat as both destinations were islands. 

Transportation is definitely my biggest expense. I have not totaled it up yet, but the cost of flying to Southeast Asia is the most expensive part. The domestic flights are also somewhat costly, but I think doable. Accommodations and food are quite cheap. Generally, things get progressively cheaper as you go from Malaysia, to Thailand, and finally to Laos. I suppose this reflects the level of economic development in these respective countries.

Since my travel book was pretty comprehensive, I have not found this assignment to be too difficult. However, it is time consuming, so make sure you give yourself enough time to do all the parts.