Tips for the street.htm assignment



Good page assignment. I enjoyed a lot. I had forgot that you can make the hyper link text be whatever you want it to be. I was reminded by the template that was put up. All you have to do is choose to edit the link and then you can change the display text. This is a nice to do to clean up your page and make it look a little nicer. The file size limit killed me. I has 2 over 20MB and one just over 10MB so I had to redo all of them. Still a fun assignment.



Both the screen shots and the hyperlink portions for the stree.htm assignment were very beginner level; however, the GIF research and uploading was something very new for me. First off, up till this assignment I had not used Filezilla and have now been introduced to a pretty great software that I was, honestly, a bit apprehensive to use in the first place. Secondly, I have decided to officially broaden my scope for this entire class - due to Bolivia's lack of overall resources availability I was recommended to pick up a neighboring country where I could find street view shot-by-shot drive thrus. So, I chose Peru as my second country and instantly found more information (blue-line street view capture availability) to complete the assignment without cutting corners. Third, I tried my best to to be strategic in balancing my selection for the street view drive-thrus by first: choosing locations throughout Peru's largest three cities Lima, Arequipa and Trujillo. Second: departure and destination locations that were not too far away. And third: I had to find landmarks that were significant enough to find information about to write descriptions.

Overall, a challenging assignment that allowed me to learn about a new file type I am not used to using and a program that will come to help me immensely in the future.


I have to say, this has been my favorite assignment so far. I have spent more than my fair share of fooling around with Google's 'regular' street view over the years, but this was my first introduction to the streetview player, which is nothing less than a blast. I suspect I will make good use of it and squander many future hours. I've stumbled on the panorama views before, but never really sought them out. I think I will in the future, as some were really quite impressive. 

I don't have too much in the way of tips, other than to say even a relatively short streetview 'drive' in a major urban setting can generate an impressively sized gif ... one might consider cutting their drive short iif they're struggling with file size.