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When I started this assignment I found it difficult to find many good sites that discussed American's lack of travel and cultural travel.  Here are a few sites that I found really helpful.

This site is more of a blog from a German man living in the United States, he has a few opinions on why American's don't travel.  His short input is good, but I think the responses below kind of show exactly the way American's think about travel, and how they view foreigners thoughts on our culture of travel.,7461/

What I liked about this site was how Mr. Tuttle explained the ability to travel abroad and avoid package deals that cost much more.  He does differntiate between packed deals travel and more of a "do it yourself".

This site was not one I quoted or focused on much, but it has some real interesting mentions of what to do and not do when traveling and learning the culture. 


I found a website that I thought was extremely helpful with this assignment, but was extremely interesting as well:

I thought it was a very good perspective on how to immerse ourselves into a culture rather than being a tourist.



Personally I found these remarks interesting because as an American I can understand where they come from at times. When you figure they are influence the same way we are though TV, our airways through the TV reality crap, portrays Americans as rude, alcohol, drug addiction, only out to party with as many people as possible, amongst a few other things. However, the sad fact of things is that most Americans are just trying to make ends meet from one month to the next and well keep their heads above water. I canŐt speak for all Americans but, for me I just donŐt have the time or money to hop on the next flight to France and travel for a month or two.