Here is a few thoughts on Geography 761

This course was titled Cartography on the internet. It was instructed by Professor Michael Peterson.

I feel that it was an excellent course. One of the few that was keeping up with technology, yet also had an academic side to it. It was broad in content; from the theory of maps and their communicative potential, to writing html scripts for a new web site.

To balance such a diverse range of topics was not easy, yet Professor Peterson did a noteworthy job. An equal amount of class time was spent on theory as well as the practical aspects of the internet.

This course came at the right time too. Just as the web was becoming popular and accessable, we were there. I got a postcards to my friends and family world-wide.

As for the cartography side; I continued to learn about the theory and communication that are important in understanding maps and their production/ design. In regards to there use on the web, we looked at many sites world-wide.

One thing right off, DON'T SCAN MAPS FOR USE ON THE WEB!. All too often we found very poor maps that had been scaned in with no regard to the change in medium. A computer screen is smaller(usually) and has less resolution than the paper map.

However, we did find some interesting sites and made a few ourselves. The best maps were the interactive ones. Some showed movement, others change scale, while others use multi-media to communicate geographic information. I am sure that this trend will continue, and change the way we think of maps. As the computer is changing the way in which we use and understand information, cartography is also caught in the currents of change. I hope that you enjoy the results.