Course Critique

Eric Yamashita
  1. How could the coarse have been improved?

    The topics discussed during class were interesting, but I feel there should have been more assignments. The class just seemed to drag on and wasn't very attention grabbing.

  2. What other topics should have been covered?

    I think some of the assignments should have reflected more of the readings.

  3. Should the emphasis have been on internet(html etc.) or on map communication?

    Being cartographers, I feel that the emphasis and our assignments should have been on how to use html and the internet to improve map communication.

  4. How has your impression of the network changed as a result of the seminar?

    I feel that the seminar improved my knowledge of the internet, especially html. Before the seminar I didn't surf the net much, but now I constantly search the internet for new ways to use html, and for other information..

  5. What do you think about the future of cartography on the internet? Maps on the internet.

    I feel that there will always be scanned raster maps on the internet, and locational maps describing an area, but for my purpose, I see the internet in the future as a store where cartographers, instead of providing paper maps will provide digital map data to customers. And as multimedia improves and increases more publishing will be done on the internet, thus cartographers will create virtual atlases.