Cartography on the Internet

Geography 761

Course Evaluation

M. Peri Cope


This course has been a useful workshop for examining the theoretical basis for and practical aspects of creating, disseminating, and utilizing cartographic resources over the Internet. I was pleased with the information I obtained from the seminar and would recommend this course to anyone with an interest in the field.

How could the course have been improved?

I was pleased with the course and can't think of any significant improvements which could have been made.

What other topics should be covered?

As the Internet continues to grow, security and copyright regulations are certainly going to be more important issues than they seem to be at this time. In order to address this issue, it might be useful to add a section covering these topics.

Should the emphasis have been on Internet (html, etc.) or on map communication?

I feel the emphasis should remain centered more on map communication than on Internet techniques and protocol. Because of the dynamic nature of the net, new technologies and capabilities will continually be brought into play. For the most part, these things are well addressed within the net framework itself and using the net is fairly intuitive after establishing a fundamental base of knowledge. On the other hand, new technologies and techniques do not, in and of themselves, guarantee effective cartographic communication. The importance of this seminar is to perpetuate understanding that will lead to more effective and responsible production and use of cartographic resources on the net.

How was your impression of the network changed as a result of the seminar?

There is a dichotomy in the way my impressions have changed. In one sense, I am extremely impressed with the vast wealth of information and resources that are available through the net. On the other hand, much work needs to be done in order to make these resources truly useful and effective. In addition, the quality of net resources (particularly cartographic resources) does not parallel its vast quantity.

What do you think about the future of cartography on the Internet? Maps on the Internet?

Like telephone, radio, and television, the Internet is a powerful communications tool and it is here to stay. Unfortunately, its mere existence will not insure nor propagate its quality or effectiveness. It is incumbent upon net users everywhere to ensure the quality and integrity of its resources. If no efforts are made to establish and abide by standards of quality, then the net will, in many respects, become nothing more than another way to waste time.

Maps on the Internet have the potential to reach an audience of users previously untapped. Provided that the media is used effectively, cartography on the net will continue to grow in popularity and utility.