Course Evaluation by Renee Louis

The course was a valuable learning experience. It was insightful and broadening. Finally, a programming language that is easy to learn and use. It's amazing that we all learned it so very quickly and were capable of creating some pretty fantastic documents, maps, and "groovy tunes". This is also the most practical program I've ever learned in a University course. Not only is the Internet something I will continue to explore for personal profit and satisfaction, it is also an amazing phenomenon to watch grow. Even though I am the kind of person that prefers the simple things in life, I enjoy seeing the creative expressions of others.

Especilly valuable were the projects. They were excellently designed and help was always available. We were encouraged to help one another and we all did different things. The only area that could use some improvement is the discussions. Perhaps we could have participated more, or maybe side-tracked less, to make the discussion more up beat. Another point that would have interested me is the legal aspects or the confusion about ownership of things on the internet. Otherwise I have nothing but praises.

I would recommend this course to everyone, however, I'm not sure it will ever be offered again. I consider myself one of the lucky few who had the opportunity to learn from Dr. Peterson.