My minor:


I really enjoy cartography, although I have to admit I am not a highly skilled map maker. But I like the combination of art/craft, science, and theory/philosophy that cartography entails. I'm not sure how I'll use it professionally, although it seems like almost everybody likes well made maps!

My cartography coursework includes:

Geography 370: Map and Airphoto Interpretation
This is the basic course about maps and how to use them. I actually took this as a " pre-program deficiency. " A lot of the material about map reading and interpretation was familiar to me, but I also learned quite a bit about air photos and this will be extremely useful.
Geography 475-476: Cartographic Design
This two-semester course sequence goes through the techniques in map making. I have to admit that my facility with pen and paper is not great, so my early efforts were kind of pathetic. But I really enjoy the design aspect. Getting into the use of computers in the second part of the course really helped overcome some of my own limitations.
Geography 488: Geographic Information Systems
GIS seems to be all the rage these days so taking a few course in it doesn't seem like a bad idea! In addition to Geography 488, in which Matt McGranaghan puts a lot of emphasis on the theory of GIS design, I am taking a course this semester in the Urban and Regional Planning Department that takes an almost wholly applied approach to GIS. Between the two, I think I will come out with a solid understanding of the technology.

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