My major:

Natural Resources Management

Here are the courses I have taken at U.H. that I have found useful in learning about the management of natural resources:
Geography 728: Resource Management
This course, taught by Mark Ridgely, is the " capstone seminar " for the certificate program in natural resources management. In the seminar one covers a range of different approaches to the theory of resources management, with particular attention given to resource economic tools such as decision theory and multi-criteria analysis. I found the subject matter interesting and the discussion lively.
Anthropolgy 620H: Human Ecology
This course, taught by Les Sponsel, focused on how people interact with their environment and exploit natural resources. Biodiversity issues were an important theme in the class. Since I have a particular interest in the use of natural resources by indigenous people, or the " subsistence use " of renewable resources, I found a number of useful ideas through this seminar.
Geography 405: Water in the Environment
This is one of the two physical geography courses I am taking (see below for the other). This course deals with hydrology, covering rainfall, stream flow, run-off, evaporation, and soil processes. A semester-long field project brings everything together. The class involved a fair amount of work and I enjoyed most of it. Its taught by Tom Giamballuca, who does a pretty good job of presenting the material in a clear and concise way.
Geography 404: Drainage Baisin Geomorphology
I'm currently taking this class so its hard at this point to say much about it, but I think it will be very relevant to my research .

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