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A Biographical Sketch
The first of three assignments in
Geog. 761 - Research Seminar in Cartography: Cartography on the INTERNET
Dr. Michael P. Peterson
February 2, 1995

I am a woman of various ethnic backgrounds including Hawaiian and Portuguese. I currently reside in Kane`ohe on the Windward (NE) side of O`ahu. My educational accomplishments include a B.A. in Geography. The combination of courses I have taken for this degree emphasizes a specialization in Cartography and Geographic Information Systems(GIS).

A hot Hawaiian topic of late has revolved around Hawaiian Sovereignty. Having been infected by this virus and living through the political scramble, I realize I am best suited for "behind the scenes" work. In an effort to do my little part to balance the scales of this cultural injustice, I've chosen a thesis topic that incorporates geography, computers, cartography, and the Hawaiian language.

My professional aspirations include working toward peaceful coexistence of all of mankind. The qualifications shown in my work experience bears witness to my ability to achieve this task.

When I'm not out chasing windmills, I enjoy a few of my favorite things. You never know when opportunity will come knocking. Be ready for it. Embrace it. And ride that wave.