Renee Louis Educational Background

Here is a quick timeline of my educational career:

Murial Pre-School (Feb. 1968 - Aug. 1971)
On my first day of school, my mother said I put up quite a fuss. I didn't want her to leave me in the midsts of strangers. I cried and screamed when we left the house (the only safe haven I knew). But, when she dropped me off, I made new friends and didn't even know she left. Of course, after I found out she was gone, I was scared, but I had others to keep me company. When she came to pick me up, I didn't want to leave and cried again in fear I would not see them again. When mom told me I would be back the next day, I was thrilled and began planning for the next day.

Kamehameha Secondary Schools (Sep. 1971 - May 1983)
I was one of the lucky students to get into this private school. All Kamehameha Schools students must be able to prove Hawaiian ancestry and pass preliminary interviews. I talked my way through all the interviews and in 1971 they opened up enrollment for an additional 1st grade class. I was a 12 year senior graduating 5th in a class of 300 students.

University of California, Los Angeles Dept. of Engineering (Oct. 1983 - Jun. 1984)
This was an experience of a lifetime. Finally away from the cat's watchful gaze, I partied and experimented with various life experiences. Some I'll never do again, others I do as often as possible. I learned about Jewish and Italian lifestyles, encountered African-American "come-ons", and dated the perfect blond haired blue-eyed boy (BORING). The following year, I was unable to find housing and ended up applying to the University of Hawai`i.

University of Hawai`i College of Engineering (Jan. 1985 - Dec. 1989)
I tried real hard to be an Electrical Engineer, but I just didn't have it in me. I screwed up my last semester and was suspended for 1 year. I worked for a couple years and came back for a replay.

University of Hawai`i College of Engineering (Jan. 1991- Dec. 1991)
I didn't like losing, so I tried to get and BS in EE once again and ended up remembering why I left Engineering in the first place. So, I transfered to Hawaiian Studies.

University of Hawai`i Center for Hawaiian Studies (Jan. 1992 - May 1992)
This was a very political period for me as this department is very active in Hawaiian Sovereignty. It was with the help of this department and Ka Lahui (a sovereignty group) that I ended up learning about GIS and realizing...this is it.

University of Hawai`i Department of Geography (Jan. 1993 - May 1994)
After a semester off, I returned to the University rarin' to go. I quickly completed the core geography courses and geared up for graduate school. Gene Shen said he couldn't remember the last student that completed all the courses in 3 semesters. WHOA! I got my diploma!!!

University of Hawai`i Department of Geography (Aug. 1994 - present)
I am currently a graduate student in Geography working toward my M.A. specializing in Cartography and GIS.