Renee Louis Work Experience

University of Hawai`i Athletic Facilities (2/93 - Present)
As a student helper, I answered phones, typed work requests, filed, sorted mail for athletes/coaches/staff, and inventoried office supplies. I have since moved into the capacity of scheduling facilities, typing letters and inter-office memos, training other student helpers, and I comleted re-writing our Facilities Scheduling Policy so it is now consistent with the University's overall Facilities Use Policy.

Council of Energy Resource Tribes [CERT] (6/92 - 8/92)
CERT is a Colorado based organization made up of more than 50 Indian Nations. These Nations have various energy resources on their lands and want to turn these resources into capital gains. They pay a membership fee and utilize the professional services of the CERT staff to maximize their profit while keeping within the limits of their cultural identity. CERT also has an educational branch which helps native students prepare for college and an internship program which trains college students for work in industries of their interest. I was lucky enought to be the only college student of Hawaiian ancestry to receive an ANA grant to participate in the internship program. I learned facilitation, negotiation, and water resource management. I also organized a tour of the USGS GIS Department in Colorado, consulted them in their purchase of a CAD/Mapping/GIS system, trained a few of their staff on the CAD program, and worked on 2 projects for them.

Pacific Data Digitizing (1/92 - Present)
I began this Computer Aideded Design Service to help Architectural, Engineering and Construction companies become more confident with using AutoCAD. My services range from on-site training to contract CAD work.

Gentry Architecture (2/90 - 12/91)
As System Administrator of a system with 11 Sun Workstations, 5 PC's, 2 laser printers, and 1 laser plotter spanning 3 departments, I was responsible for maintaining system integrity and keeping in touch with new updates in the industry. I increased personnel productivity through individual training and program customization.

KCCN Radio (11/89 - 6/90)
KCCN 1420 AM is the only all Hawaiian radio station in Hawai`i on the AM dial. A radio personality is a very interesting position especially late at night (or early in the morning). My show was called "East of Midnight" as I was on from midnight to 6:00am on the weekends. I had a wide range of listeners ranging from the partying teens to the early rising aunties and uncles.

Seaflight Engineering (10/89 - 2/90)
This was a small one man operation that took in CAD contract work. While I worked here I learned how to digitize the Island of Yap.

Spec Systems (2/89 - 10/89)
As a systems Engineer, I sold AutoCAD systems and maintenance contracts to architectural, engineering and construction companies on various hardware platforms.

Yuki Matsumoto Electrical Engineering (9/88 - 2/89)
I began as a CAD operator working on electrical drawings for various projects and ended up learning about CAD management techniques.

Bennett, Drane, Karamatsu Electrical Engineers (3/80 - 6/88)
I began in the front office as a receptionist, doing light typing, filing, catalog filing, light accounting, answering phones, working with project specifications, and other general office tasks. I moved out of management and into production in 1983 with the purchase of the first generation AutoCAD where I then began customizing the program for electrical use.