The following is an evaluation of the interactive map site made by YALE UNIVERSITY It is the campus map of the school, located in New Haven, Connecticut. Aspects of the HUMAN-COMPUTER INTERFACE, GRAPHIC ATTRIBUTES and CARTOGRPHIC FUNCTION will be addressed below.


    Degree of interaction

    This map allows the user to choose from 5 different areas of the campus. It is easy to pick them as they are of different colors. An intuitive and suitable method of interactivity.

    Advanced interface elements

    Due to the simple nature of this map, there is no customization or advanced features on this map. One merely decreases the scale of the map.


    Layout and design

    Unfortunately this map was an existing paper map that was scanned into the database. This has affected several aspects of the map in a negative way:
    1. the text is difficult to read
    2. the map is to big for the screen, thereby making it difficult to manipulate.
    3. there are reference numbers and letters on the map, but no legend that coresponds to them.
    4. the BIRDS-EYE VIEW map is of such poor quality, it is very difficult to interpret
    5. the north arrow is difficult to find, the map is not oriented with north at the top


    Overall effectiveness

    Unfortunately, due to the poor quality of the image, this map is not very effective as a means of communication. The interactiveness is easy to operate, but that can not make up for the shortfalls introduced by the scanning and rasterization of a map intended for a paper medium.

    Achieving the maps objective

    Again, it is difficult for this map to communicate information due to the poor images. The idea to use a BIRDS-EYE VIEW map is execellent because it shows much more valuable information than just the footprint of the buildings. Yet, as the text is difficult to read, little is communicated from this map site.

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