Multimedia, GIS and the Web

Dr. Michael P. Peterson
Cliff Todd
Department of Geography/Geology
University of Nebraska at Omaha

Session #1: Introduction to Multimedia and the Web

What is Multimedia?

Multimedia combines multiple forms of media in the communication of information, such as audio, video, graphics, animation and computer data. Multimedia is the joining of any two or more of these. Previously, video had been considered separate from audio and computers separate from video and audio. Multimedia computers playback high quality sound and video, as well as text and graphics.

Glossary of Multimedia Terms
Macromedia - Director Multimedia Studio Key Features
Director Web

Wht is the Web?

A Brief Introduction to the World Wide Web
Beginner's Guide to the World Wide Web

World Wide Web FAQ
Glossary for WWW and NCSA Mosaic

Map Examples:

Scanned Map - GIF Image 1340x847 pixels
Acrobat Map
Map Quest Street-Level Mapping of U.S.
Maps and References

GIS Examples:

Spatial Analysis of Sediments
Interactive GIS - GRASSLINKS 3.0 at REGIS

Multimedia Examples:

Weather Animation (description)
Population Growth Animation
Fly-Through Animation
Choropleth Animation
Quicktime VR Demos
Shockwave FAQ
Shockwave Files
Introduction to VRML
VRML Entry Point
VRML Repository
GeoWeb Java Corner

Session #2: Animation on the Web

Computer Animation
Overview: Computer Animation
Yahoo! - Graphics: Computer Animation
Tools used in Computer Animation
Linking Reality and Abstraction through Computer Animation
What is Non-Linear Editing
Adobe Premiere
Exercise: Map Animation

Session #3: Multimedia Publishing on the Web

A Beginner's Guide to HTML
Guide to HTML Guides
HTML Editors
Web Authoring Made Simple
Creating Web Sites (huge list of links)
Exercise: Creating a Web Page

Session #4: The Integration of GIS and Multimedia

Advanced HTML: How Do They Do That With HTML?
Graphic File Formats
QuickTime FAQ
QuickTime Page
QTVR Notebook
Adobe Acrobat
Audio File Formats
Image Maps
Multimedia Authoring
Intellectual Property Law Primer
Exercise: Creating a Multimedia Web Page