Copyright(C)2002 by the Cartography and GIS Laboratory, University of Nebraska at Omaha.

The Omaha Urban Atlas 2002

Table of Contents, Page 3

Ethnic Distribution Maps:

White Population
Black Population
Hispanic Population
Native American Population

Omaha Crime Maps - 2000:

Violent Crime
Property Crime
Crime Rate by Census Tracts
Assault and Robbery Rate
Auto Theft and Burglary Rate

Election Maps 1994:

Registered Democrats
Registered Republicans
Registered Independents
Voter Turnout
House Race: Peter Hoagland
House Race: Jon Christensen
Senate Race: Jan Stoney
Senate Race: Bob Kerrey
House Race: Hoagland vs. Christensen
Senate Race: Stoney vs. Kerrey
Registered Voters: Democrats vs. Republicans
Democratic and Republican Support

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