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The code for the index.html page and all even-numbered chapters is provided here. The zipped version is designed to be uploaded to your website. First, download the zipped file to your computer (right-click on link in Zipped code column, choose Save as). Then, upload the zipped version to your webhosting site through the FileManager. The webhosting site will automatically unzip the file as it uploads. The resultant folder contains an "index.html" file with links to all of the examples in that folder. Your index.html file must link to the index.html file in this folder.You may also unzip the file on your computer. If you do, you will need to re-zip the files to upload them to your webhosting site

Remember to make incremental changes as you experiment with the code. If the code stops working, return to a previous version. The Website column below provides access to working versions of all the code examples. Copy the source code from these examples to return to a working example.


Links to all examples

Zipped code
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code16.zip (85.3 MB)

with working links to podserver MySQL database

*The FileManager in cPanel usually limits uploads to files less than 4 or 5 MB. File sizes have been included on zip files that exceed this size, An alternative method to upload large files is FTP - File Transfer Protocol. Most webhosting services implement an FTP option for uploading files. FileZilla is a free FTP client that can be used for this purpose. The program will need to be installed on your computer and you must have the FTP address of the server you are using (for podserver, it is ftp.podserver.info). The cPanel page usually includes this address in the account information that is listed on the left side of the page.


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