Chapter 22: Online Animated Mapping

From Mapping in the Cloud by Michael Peterson

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All Google Maps API examples here do not use a key. Domains and related sub-domains that had used Google Maps API before June 22, 2016 should find that the maps still function without a key. That's why the keyless examples work from this page. If the Google Map examples below don't work once you upload them to your server, you need to get a free key from Google. Further details of this new requirement and other changes to the Google Maps API usage policy can be found here at this site. The key that Google provides to you for free would be added to the call to the API, like this:

<script src=""></script>

  1. Google_Animated_Marker
  2. Multiple Animated Markers
  3. Marker along a Route
  4. List-based Animation
  5. Direct_Street_View
  6. Street_View_with_Map
  7. Circle along a Line
  8. Arrow along a Line
  9. Symbols along a Line
  10. Growth of Walmart - Circles to Dots
  11. Growth of Walmart - Heatmap
  12. Animated Circle

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