Urban geology database for the Omaha area - mass wasting and accelerated erosion sites.

Site Datasheet

Loveland Quadrangle: Site 1


1. Location: 13130 Calhoun Rd.

N 41º 22.596" W 95º 59.870"

2. Date of inspection: May 31, 1997.

3. Dimensions of site: 150 by 20 m

4. Type of site: construction/drainage basin

5. Type of feature: gully erosion

6. Type of geologic material: fill/loess

7. Vegetation at site: grasses/weeds

8. Age/activity of site: present and active

9. Other info including potential damage, intervention, etc: none

Above shows growth of vegetation on construction site on 9/20/97. In spring this bare earth was exposed up to the road.


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